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Germans and Their Neighbors, edited by Dirk Verheyen and Chris- tian Søe, provides chapter-length surveys of Germany's bilat-. Stoltz F X P Plplel J F WAS " Verheyen H J '". Chandler J L '" Opel A R South Side. 4~2 Pollng H W. reception opponent arrive militia congo pilots flood suddenly enjoy flew humanities golfers biased extracted wolfowitz opel nautical stray bumper. LIVE INDICATOR FOREX

Salzer camswitches. Mobile roofs voor industry and storage. Sale of x-ray accessories and of film processors for medical x-ray and graphic applications. Sale of measurement instruments for x-ray machines, of test objects and phantoms for quality Control.

Sale of dosimeters for radiation protection. Cold and cooling plates provide uniform temperature for better thermal management. Higher degree of design flexibility, higher forming quality, forming tool for prototyping or series production, shorter development time for prototype and series production. Our excellent performance dates back to , the year our company was founded. We try to achieve the highest possible level of service to our clients.

Our flexibility is high, due to our in-house manufacturing we can easily make changes to meet the perfect solutions for our clients. Core product lines are exhaust systems, catalytic converters, tow bars, precision welded tube and warehouse racking. Boutique J. Glazing roof systems. Combination projects, glazing roof systems, natuural ventialation systems. We also develop innovative turbocharger systems or adapt new turbochargers on existing engine systems manufacturing, balancing, assembling and testing.

In constant innovation, those products are engineered without compromise for generational reliability and warranty. There are sales offices or nationwide distributors in all main markets, controlling a sales and service dealer network that supports boaters wherever they might be. Leading consumer brands include Mercury and Mariner outboards; MotorGuide electrical motors; Mercury MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard engines; Quicksilver inflatable and fibreglass boats; Bella, Uttern fibreglass boats; Quickilver rigid inflatable boats; Quicksilver marine parts and accessories.

Helps customers in the conversion of their information systems and to optimise their IT infrastructure and their applications. Antimony trioxide Sb2O3 is used as a flame retardant in the textile, plastics and cable industries and is also used as a catalyst in PET production. It also has many and varied applications in the glass, pigments and varistor industries. In its plastics division Campine produces ready-to-use masterbatches for the plastics industry.

These masterbatches are delivered in granulated form to enable customers to dose them easily and dust-free. Depuydt canon. Our high-tech facilities turn, mill, grind, abrade and control your parts according to drawings CAD, CNC plant, airconditioned measurement department.

Technology services and outsourcing services. The lay-out of those vans or trailers is completely tuned to the products offered on the market. Standard boxes on trailers and trucks for transport companies, boxes with sliding doors, medical vehicles, broadcasting trailers. Complex constructions with hydraulic and electrical systems for specific use, such as mobile stages, promotional vehicles etc.

Chassis and cabs for commercial vehicles; conversion and repair of commercial vehicles. With several offices in Belgium, we guarantee a local presence, close to our customers. Custom-made metal structures. Predictive and preventive onsite maintenance. Group companies operate manufacturing plants and sales offices in three continents, with a worldwide network of sales agents in over countries.

Our products: transformers, turnkey projects and services. Software engineering. Medical IT: b-Doc, part of Ciges Medical Solutions, is designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings and to give access to the Electronic Patient Record from everywhere. Machines are Engineered to order. All project aspects can be provided in house : mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing, assembly and integration. Assembly of electro-mechanical assemblies. Its objective is to assist clients throughout the whole of the life-cycle of their equipment in order to improve the economic, technical and environmental performance of this equipment.

Tambuyser cofelyfabricom-gdfsuez. Its expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, including Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Piping, Automation, Process Control and Maintenance, as well as many specialist applications. Thanks to its proximity and its facilities in Fleurus and Ans , Fabricom Industrie Sud is deeply involved in the regional development in Wallonia.

Deneve cofelyfabricom-gdfsuez. Our expertise covers a variety of technical areas including electrics, mechanics, piping, automation, maintenance and specialised services. Quentris offers secured solutions and services based on the integration and convergence of Data, Voice and Image technologies. Provider of IT infrastructure services.

Services at every stage of infrastructure investment: technology sourcing, integration, operational support. Specialists are available to deal with developments in specific area. Design and building of valves and sensors. Taking necessary steps to ensure that your products are prepared for further optimal processing. It is also offering services in the field of accessibility elevators for people with reduced mobility , maintenance of elevators and renovation of elevators.

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Bringing lifting equipment into compliance. Cropland looks for new ways to collect and correlate data in order to gain new insights. Productie en verkoop van toebehoren voor hef- en hijstoepassingen met kabel en ketting. We specialise in deepdrawing T , stamping T and forming of all kinds of metal by means of company-made dies. Production of pressure vessels for cooling, pneumatic or hydraulic applications. With a team of customs experts and international partners, we provide added value solutions to rise to the challenges that our clients face in the complex and fast-changing customs and international trade environment.

Design and manufacturing of all our core products. Like plan, special demand or dxf profiles. Production and regrinding of straight and circular knives for the food, paper and textile industry. Breugelmans def-online. Distributor of interactive terminals.

Metal polishing and lacquering. Metal spinning. The DSI test centre includes stateof-the-art engine testbeds for the development of engines and lubricants as wells as dedicated tools for the development of hybrid engines. Supplier of machined pieces and engineering projects.

In addition, five-day dietary intake studies were carried out at two EEP zoos to compare given and consumed diets. Dietary components in surveyed gorilla dietscompared to SSP recommended values Popovich and Dierenfeld Nutrient concentrations of the diets were highly variable across zoos and many did not meet the recommended concentrations for several nutrients Table 2.

Table 2. Calculated calorie intake for adult male kg and female kg gorillas averaged kcal and kcal, respectively, approximately 1. This is less than the recommended guidelines which, therefore, appear to overestimate energy needs.

Dietary fibre content was considerably lower, and fat content higher, than those recommended based on natural foods eaten by wild gorillas, as well as guidelines suggested in the SSP Gorilla Husbandry Manual. Low fibre and high fat could both contribute to obesity, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Cousins notes that cardiac arrest, associated with a poor diet and lack of exercise, is an important cause of adult gorilla deaths in captivity, particularly if fats are derived from animal sources, such as cheese as in some of the zoos.

Therefore the reasons for including animal products in captive gorilla diets require careful review. Calculated dietary levels of particularly water-soluble vitamins and trace minerals were excessive compared to estimated requirements for gorillas, whereas macromineral concentrations were only just adequate. These could be improved by increasing the proportion of pellets in the diets which is very low compered to the recommended amounts. Alternatively a clear assessment of the need for specific products used for supplementing diets is suggested to ensure optimal balance of vitamins and minerals.

Information on actual weight, body condition and health parameters together with detailed diet assessments is recommended for optimising gorilla diets. However, from a founder population of around 40 animals, there are now several thousand in captivity. Moreover, a dozen former range states have declared their interest in returning the oryx to its former habitat and prospects for reintroduction are good. Releases in fenced areas of Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal have shown encouraging results over relatively short periods of time, but all with limited founders from captive stock.

Theoretically, long term success of true reintroduction will be in part dependent on the ability of the species to adapt to natural conditions without overt human intervention. Hence, selection of appropriate genetic stock to diversify existing semi-free ranging populations and fulfill broader reintroduction goals is essential, while sound management of captive populations as a backup remains critical. However, with missing or questionable data in the International Studbook, the relationship between these populations and a limited number of oryx of unknown origin elsewhere in the world requires further understanding.

We explored the patterns of genetic diversity across European, North American, and other selected captive groups of oryx using microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA control region sequencing. This provided recommendations for captive breeding and reintroduction.

Together with available data on closely related species, we were also able to report on the structure and evolution of the mitochondrial DNA control region in oryx. As a result specific recommendations for global captive management and selection of animals for reintroduction have been made, with immediate consequences for the SSP and a plan to ship oryx to Tunisia in Two publications in scientific journals have resulted from this work.

Further info: Tania Gilbert, Marwell Conservation. This behaviour is often contagious in eliciting further displays from individuals of home and adjacent coterie territories, although some displays do not elicit a response. This study aimed to identify reasons for this observed difference in jump-yip response elicitation by initiating callers. Seventeen parameters of jump-yip calls were analysed from recordings of a captive zoo colony of black-tailed prairie dogs. No structural differences were found between calls that elicit a response and those which do not.

Black-tailed prairie dogs were shown to respond to the vocal component of the display in isolation from the visual component in a playback experiment. They respond significantly less frequently to calls given within a short latency of a previous initiating jump-yip than to calls made after a longer latency. This supports a function of the jump-yip call as part of a system of co-ordinated vigilance within groups.

A behavioural refractory period could optimise the benefits from such a system by minimising the loss of 15 Research Committee Newsletter, 11 th Issue, September time available for non-vigilance-related behaviours. Timing did not account for all observed response differences suggesting that further factors may be important determinants of response elicitation. Tel: , email: sdow bristolzoo. Of the nine recognised categories of species management levels only one pertains to non-group managed species.

The other eight categories include the vast majority of species. As ever more species require conservation breeding assistance e. Therefore, there is pressing need to develop group-oriented genetic management solutions for the development of the global Zoological Information Management System ZIMS and its associated currently individual based demographic and genetic analysis tool PM This research work has succeeded in developing the mathematical genetic model which has been validated using real species programme data the EEP Partula snail programme.

A demonstration software tool has also been developed to assist the practical implementation of the model and associated management algorithms. This in turn has led to the development by the same research team of a genetic relatedness visualisation tool which for the first time provides population managers with the relevant information in a clear and concise manner. This research provides a major breakthrough in the conservation of group managed species from invertebrates through to mammals.

Email: Paul. Pearce- Kelly zsl. In Zimbabwe, recent economic decline has led to very significant increases in bushmeat hunting and trade; possibly even to the extent to cause local extinction of the usually abundant grey duiker N. Lunt unpubl. Duikers are very poorly studied and more information is needed to develop effective monitoring systems and conservation plans. Territorial behaviour is particularly important as estimates of territory size and degree of overlap are often used to determine density of individuals.

Dambari is the headquarters of the Marwell Zimbabwe Trust and holds a large collection of small antelope including many grey duiker. It provides an ideal situation to test hypotheses about these small, secretive animals in semi-natural conditions. Grey duikers Cephalophini: Sylvicapra grimmia are territorial antelope that use olfactory means to demarcate territorial boundaries. The role of faeces in territorial behaviour was investigated using semi-captive antelope at Dambari Field Station, Zimbabwe.

The strength of response to introduced faecal deposits of various ages from unfamiliar conspecifics of both sexes and three age classes was measured using a repeated measures design. Latrine sites, faecal pile dry mass and defecation rates did not alter with introduction of unfamiliar 16 Research Committee Newsletter, 11 th Issue, September faecal piles, and fresh mass of introduced faeces did not affect response magnitude.

Dung of intermediate age elicited the greatest response, and animals responded most intensely to the dung of animals in their prime. Adult male and female response frequency was not statistically different, although males responded to fresher dung than did females and only adult males scent-marked near introduced deposits. Adults showed greater interest in introductions than juveniles. It is concluded that faecal piles act as both olfactory and visual signals, and that the differences between sexes in the types and magnitude of response are related to territorial behaviour.

Thus, a visitor survey was conducted to evaluate the effects of the new Monkey Heights exhibit, opened at Paignton Zoo in The vast majority of visitors to both exhibits had positive feelings about monkeys and there was no significant difference between the exhibits in this respect. Not surprisingly, significantly more visitors to the new exhibit believed the monkeys to have high standards of welfare then visitors to the old exhibit; e.

A key for identifying mammal hairs from hair trap surveys in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania.

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3 ème édition de la RELICO axée sur la circulation du livre en Afrique centrale

With an open and clear communication, we help you in setting up your Business processes, IT strategy and project management as well as in supporting your business with software development and assisting in operational ICT tasks.

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Open golf betting betfred mobile Boutique J. We have also introduced a few new functions on the site. Thanks to its proximity and its facilities in Fleurus and AnsFabricom Industrie Sud is deeply involved in the regional development in Wallonia. Mobile roofs voor industry and storage. This study aimed to determine the adequacy of diets currently fed to gorillas in 62 EEP facilities.
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