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Continuation betting holdem

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continuation betting holdem

On these boards, the preflop 3-bettor has the biggest equity advantage that you can find in No Limit Hold'em on the flop (around 75% to 25%). A continuation bet (C bet) is a bet you make when you have missed the flop but entered the pot as the preflop raiser. The continuation bet has evolved a lot since Volume One of Harrington on Hold 'Em first introduced the concept to the poker-playing public. UK FOREX CONTACT

You want to take advantage of being the pre-flop raiser and you want to collect the dead money those times your opponent misses. You have to realize that for firing continuation bets, some boards are better than others. What is a Good C-Bet Situation? The best flops to continuation bet are ones that are likely to have helped your hand. When you raise before the flop your opponent is likely to put you on big cards.

When the big cards come on the flop your bet will often win you the pot. Boards with aces or kings on them always make great continuation-bet situations because most opponents are going to think that they hit the pre-flop raiser. Also, flops that are unlikely to have helped your opponent make for great c-betting. That means in that case, he'll be more than willing to give up when you c-bet. When you find yourself heads-up on the flop after raising you should be continuation betting a high percentage of the time.

Your single opponent will miss the flop completely so often, you should be continuation betting all but the most dangerous boards. Since a continuation bet is really just a small bluff, you want to be economical with your bet sizing. You want to bet enough to get your opponent to fold. But you don't want to risk unnecessary chips those times that you do get called. Also, you have to risk becoming too predictable. Both your continuation bets and your value bets should be of similar size.

If you bet less when you c-bet and more when you value bet, good opponents are going to catch on. So you should: Bet the right amount to get the job done without risking too many chips and without giving away too much information A bet of two-thirds the pot flop bet is a good standard to have. It's economical, as it will be more than enough to collect the dead money. And it will also be enough to start building the pot those times you do have a real hand.

A continuation bet C bet is a bet you make when you have missed the flop but entered the pot as the preflop raiser. What you have to be very careful about is to make sure that you mix it up a bit. When the flop is dangerous you should exercise caution. When you enter a pot as the raiser, should you always c bet? What considerations are there to bear in mind? Are they a tricky aggressive player that likes to play back at people? By making c bets, more often than not opponents will try to trap you when they do hit the flop and check to you.

What is your c bet representing and how much should you make it? If an Ace comes down on the flop, your continuation bet is representing that you have an Ace in your hand. If the flop comes down your c bet is saying that you have an overpair. So what you need to do is evaluate how much it costs to knock others off their hands, and then make that bet. You need to get it spot on so that the times someone does come over the top you lose the minimum amount.

Can you continuation bet on the turn? If they check for a second time, you can then make a c bet.

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When and How Much to Continuation Bet - Now You Know How The Best Poker Players Do It!

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continuation betting holdem

The popularity of the move stems from its simplicity and effectiveness, which means that it is easy to learn and be used appropriately on a basic level by players new to the game.

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Continuation betting holdem At the same time, the K gives him something to be afraid of. This can take some experimentation and holdem textures as well as specific opponents will continuation betting, but in general the smallest we should go is approximately half of the pot. Very similar to the previous situation, the out of position preflop raiser has a higher concentration of trips and better. They will still fold if they have nothing, so feel free to continuation bet. Your bluffs should be a combination of flush draws and straight draws. But with so many opponents and only a gutshot draw for which to hope, betting can expose you to problems if anyone plays back.
Singapore investing overseas properties divorce The flop comes. Compared to full ring, you should be looking at being more aggressive and taking the initiative on the flop especially when you have position on your opponents. A rough guide below: Heads up. In this case, c-betting will usually be a mistake. Without it, they will win fewer pots and gain less information on the cards their opponents are holding. When we are out of position we no longer have the continuation betting holdem of having the final say on if we want to see a turn and river card. Knowing when to c-bet and when to check instead is a much harder skill to learn, and involves an understanding of your own hand, how read article connects with the flop and what your opponent is likely to be holding.
Continuation betting holdem But: A high percentage of the time - doesn't mean every time! In addition, the effectiveness of a continuation bet decreases against more experienced opponents because the very good players are able to sense these type of plays and may raise or call holdem that you may be betting with the worst hand. Other boards which should be avoided are ones with low pairs on them, for example: 2c 2d 5d This board will not scare a small pocket pair in the least. Be aware of how often you are c-betting and how it likely looks to those with whom your playing. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in continuation betting comment section down below.
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Continuation betting holdem The flop comes. Both your continuation bets and your value bets should be of similar size. Every time your opponent calls the flop with a hand that will fold to a turn bet, you profit, even if that hand is far stronger than yours. Multi-Barrel Bluffs — There are many situations where a willingness to fire multiple barrels can turn an unprofitable flop bluff into a very profitable one. Trying to bluff fish and calling stations is a recipe for disaster and should be continuation betting holdem. And of course, how to exploit it! Keep in mind these are all heads-up spots.
Continuation betting holdem In fact, there are still more factors that could influence your decision to fire a continuation bet, but this should be more than enough to keep you busy for a while. This example is known as a polarised betting range as it contains a mixture of strong hands and bluffs with reasonable equity. A common hand to have in that situation is something like suited connectors eg. These same players will fold the flop in the face of continued aggression. One exception is Continuation boards which do tend to scare fish into folding more often than King or Queen high boards. Remember we make money in poker from our opponents mistakes - not by forcing them to play perfectly. Most of the time players will not connect with the flop and have nothing betting holdem all.
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The smaller pairs will be concerned about the appearance of high cards and all of the connected hands have just four outs to improve. Still, hands such as smaller pocket pairs and the connectors with gut shots will not be able to call which will lead to profitable situations. Other boards which are fine to continuation bet are ones which contain a pair on the board: Jc Jd 7h This type of board misses all type of pre-flop hands and is also difficult for small pocket pairs to continue on because they will have to worry not only about being behind but also about being counterfeited if another seven were to roll off on the turn or river.

These boards are the opposite of what we were looking for to continuation bet; instead of being disconnected they are quite connected and will present a lot of draws. For example: 5h 6s 7d On this board look at all of the pre-flop hands which hit, pocket fives, sixes, and sevens have all made set. Pocket fours and eights have open-ended straight draws, and hands like 45s, 78s, 79s, 56s, 67s, etc… all have either made two pair or have a pair and a straight draw with them.

This board is a poor one to be as the only hands we might get to fold are pocket two and threes and those hands will give up on a later street as well. Other boards which should be avoided are ones with low pairs on them, for example: 2c 2d 5d This board will not scare a small pocket pair in the least. While it has missed for most suited connectors, those hands will still be willing to fold on later streets.

Players will not fold pocket pairs here and most will call with hands like Ace-high. With the added flush draw this is just not a board where we would expect to win the pot often with a bet. To summarize, the best boards to continuation bet bluff are ones which are disconnected and contain a high card. Those which should be avoided are low flops which are quite connected. Bet Sizing Choosing the correct bet size when continuation betting can earn players extra money.

This can take some experimentation and board textures as well as specific opponents will matter, but in general the smallest we should go is approximately half of the pot. A much better and typical size is two-thirds the size of the pot. This is significant as we can still make money even if our bluff fails to work half the time! A lot of players fail to understand simple mathematic concepts such as this one in poker which cost them a lot of money in the long run.

Poker is a long-term game and should be treated as such. Bet-sizing can change on different board textures. The more disconnected the texture the smaller the sizing needed to get our opponent to fold. This is a significant difference and must be treated as one; do not bet more than is necessary in these spots or you are costing yourself tremendous amounts of money over the long run.

Boards like the Jc Jd 7h are good examples of ones where a half-pot bet might entice hands like Pocket Sixes to continue but a larger bet will make them think twice before calling. Without it, they will win fewer pots and gain less information on the cards their opponents are holding. Your opponent will only flop a pair 1 in 3 times so this makes a flop bet very profitable in the long run. In position Continuation betting is pretty much mandatory if checked to you in position.

You can put players under pressure far more easily than if you are out of position. They will still fold if they have nothing, so feel free to continuation bet. Big card flops The flops with an ace or high card are far easier to continuation bet and get through because they hit your perceived range.

Who care if you have pocket 3s? Dry flops Flops like K are easier to continuation bet due to the lack of flush and straight draws.

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WHEN to make a Continuation Bet? #poker #onlinepoker #pokerschool

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