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together eicke bettinga streaming video

Geoff Bellhouse Lucio Besana Eicke Bettinga Nina Blazin M. Bonnici & an on-line session and a coproduction forum bringing together. Watch the video film with Sky and students here and the Cannes Film Festival selected Together by Eicke Bettinga and starring Matt Smith. Together is a short film drama directed by Eicke Bettinga and starring Matt Smith. The film premiered in the International Critics' Week[1] section at the. BTC PRACTICE TEST

In its eleventh year, the programme is open to applicants from across the whole of the European Union. The interview panel carefully selected the successful group from more than one hundred high calibre applications from industry subsectors including development, production, sales, distribution, finance, new media, agents and legal and business affairs. This ambitious and highly regarded programme is comprised of three intensive one-week modules, taking place in London and Los Angeles between June and December The focus of Inside Pictures is to deliver to its participants cutting edge industry business knowledge and high-level management skills, as well as a greatly enhanced profile within a cross-industry contact network that is second to none in the global film industry.

Seminars, workshops, studio visits and events will cover all aspects of the international film business - from development through production, financing, worldwide distribution, marketing and exhibition and the latest digital developments. Nik Powell, NFTS Director, said: "The eleventh edition of Inside Pictures will welcome a great mix of top level participants from across Europe, and we are looking forward to a very strong year. Sonie, his ex-girlfriend and colleague, suggests him to talk to Alisia about the issue, but Giacomo and Alisia hardly communicate and he lies to her instead of resigning.

He decides to join the school field trip in order to get some time to think. The trip is in a place where he has been with Alisia in the past. Here, his memories will show him that the woman he is with is not anymore the one he loved, and that he is holding to the past. He will spend a nostalgic moment with Sonie. Alisia tracks him down to demand an explanation and they confront each other, reaching the conclusion that their relationship has arrived to an end.

A musician since youth, his passion has always been writing. He worked as editor for fashion videos and director of fashion shows for five years. At the same time, he kept writing music and lyrics, and studied literature independently. After a personal crisis caused by the dissatisfaction of that lifestyle, he quit his job and moved to London to start again from scratch.

He is currently working on Faithless, the thesis project for his 3rd year of studies. Born in a perfect loving family, Oyst is a very talented painter crazy about colors. Together with his bestfriend Layla, he is preparing to start his education process. However, school brings considerable changes because in order to become grown-up kids have to physically make their head fit through an oval shaped golden mask, relinquish the idea of standing out and accept to live in a perfectly organized neat monochrome world.

I started thinking about the ways the family, friends and society are shaping and re-modeling us and that that growing up is not just a gaining-knowledge process, but it implies loosing other things as well. I imagined that an artistically inclined child might feel a greater need to hold on to his childhood, realizing what is at stake with the growing up.

He tries to hold on to his childhood thus delaying the growing-up process, but soon realizes that this is also not a solution. Every single thing that Oyst has to give up makes a small piece of his head fall, and the child soon finds himself not only trying to save his passions but also the small loose parts of himself. When the disappointment of his family, the ridicule of his friends and society become evident, Oyst is faced with a tormenting decision: conforming or becoming an outcast.

Production Facts Little Stones will be an animated movie of approx. The exact technique is yet to be decided but as textures and shapes play an important role in the story it is quite likely we will use something in the realm of CGI.

At the moment Maria is a free-lance visual artist and is looking forward to step things up and start creating her own projects. Synopsis The Chicken is a story of a six year old Selma, set in wartime Sarajevo, where she lives in a flat with her parents and her sister. She quickly grows very fond of it and is looking forward to the fun times together.

Discovering that her mother Sabina is supposed to kill the chicken and prepare it for their dinner, is both shocking and upsetting for Selma, so she decides to secretly free the chicken and save its life. Sabina becomes the target of a sniper while looking for the bird and Selma is forced to watch her own mother being shot at and fight for her life.

Childish games can become dangerous and deadly, consequences of our even most benign and innocent actions can become extremely cruel. You wake up as a child and you go to bed as an adult. Since then I have cut numerous fiction and documentary films that have travelled through Cannes, Palm Springs, Edinburgh, Toronto and many other festivals.

I directed several commercials including a commissioned viral for Toshiba and a test commercial for Armani. The Chicken is going to be my first professionally produced short film where I will work again with Cecilia Frugiuele and Parkville Pictures as my UK producer. Parkville Pictures E-mail: cecilia parkvillepictures. One day he discovers that this strange house He talks to the children, trying to get to know the story of the house. Children are unwilling to share a secret. But we see that they treat the house in an unusual way: they talk to it and they ask it for advice.

He decides to go on a battle. He calls up the authorities to take care of parentless children. They are taken away. But their relationship with the house is stronger than anyone could expect. No wonder why — it turns out that within the walls lives their huge, huuuuge mother. The four kids live in a building that consists of their mother and walls around her. Through the whole movie, mother is only a mysterious decoration. Once the kids are in danger though, she awakens and rescues them.

The script is intended for a short cartoon movie. I believe that through its creativity and colorfulness it can 14 attract younger, older and even the oldest viewers possible. He was an ingenious pupil in primary school, a smart boy in high school and a very average student at university.

Instead of a regular job Szymon: - is an actor of Kabaret Limo, well known Polish comedy group; - writes songs, short stories and scripts; - spends a lot of time on Facebook. Trees in orchards bend under the weight of apples. The warm light of the sun extracts the obsolete, outgoing colours of summer.

Every now and then the wind brings to the yard the odour of musk. Neither Peter nor Sophy had any idea that mating season had started. The silence is being disturbed by the roars of agitated bulls. Sophy becomes obsessed with her body, which begins to take precedence over rationality. Instinct wins. So we like to think. Michel Foucault does not agree with this - in his opinion we are driven by instincts. According to his definition instincts are innate and are the hereditary capacity of animals - including humans to perform behaviours driven by impulses.

In our movie an awakening instinct can destroy everything which a loving couple has created so far. Fruitless efforts to have a baby have caused stagnation in their relationship. On the other hand - does staying with Peter not condemn her to fail as a biological mother?

Is the decision to be in a relationship with a man who cannot give her a child an act against nature? We took the filming style from nature films: recording the slightest movement, textures, meatiness and colour.

Our aim is to carefully observe our heroes and their emotions. We reduce dialogue to a minimum, and put the soundscape to the foreground. Sounds of nature will create a dense soundtrack. In she was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus. She has created photographic projects and exhibitions shown in Europe. A story where Chocolate meets Vera Drake.

There are more women then men after the war. The competition amongst women to get married is high. Helen is depressed, her tears make all the pastries salty. She gets fired from the pastry shop. Helen sees she is not alone with her problem: women are scratching secretly in the market, in the street, everywhere!

As Helen is baking wedding cake for her best friend, she discovers that cacao butter helps to ease her itching. She starts experiencing. One morning she finds a thick white cream in her pot. She forms it to cones. She places them on the top of her cake as if they were candles.

A secret women movement starts in the city. I was searching for something in the library when found an issue of the Hungarian Women Magazine from by chance. On the cover there was a women riding a tractor. The main article said: women on tractor should take sunflower oil from the kitchen and put it on their face to protect their skin from sunshine. This point she has to realise no matter how hard she tries to fit the ideal picture of women, she fails.

She has to loose her naivety and needs to grow up and find her own way in a strict society. I turned over and found: those who do not have children have to pay extra taxes. So surreal but true. So it means the ideal women work, and have children at the same time. I got admitted to the Hungarian Film Academy, and made several shorts as a director. My most recent short titled: Edina, was selected to the Sarajevo City of Film program last year so I could make my first international short.

Marysia 15 decides to sell her first time with a man. They agree to meet and go to a hotel where their contract can be settled and consumed. They part ways without resolving their contract. Jan and Marysia meet again. To his surprise Marysia informs him that she needs his cash and convinces him to continue with the contract at her place. For the first time this day they see each other as human beings and talk honestly. Marysia tries to lie herself out of the situation.

Jola has doubts but eventually Jan stays for dinner A story inspired by two different real life stories, that found me during the last two years. Although it deals with an uneasy subject it tries to show human beings without judging them. Only suggesting that perhaps they got a bit lost in the modern World. It also tries not to explain human behaviour as by watching someone from aside or through a glass window we are not able to tell about motivations behind actions.

We can only observe them, their actions and the consequences that they lead to. As with fish in a bowl or an aquarium. This is the perspective and distance I want to maintain during the film. I hope this will allow me to play with the audience expectations and desires as we follow the day of Jan and Marysia and their growing frustration. Hopefully this will also underline the absurd nature of the situation they got themselves into resulting in some black humour.

Although Jan and Marysia will be eventually left unsatisfied, their meeting will perhaps allow them to move on from the point of life they stuck in. And we, for a moment during the dinner, will see a twisted vision of a possible but improbable family. Living in Poland since Since a co-owner of MX35, a film equipment rental house. Some awards. Does not believe that the World will end in Currently preparing his graduation film and observing how his six months old son is growing up.

Estimated Budget: Looking for sound design co-production possibilities. Looking for financial co-production possibilities. Friendless and regularly tormented by a vicious gang of bullies, Marek takes solace in his passion, art; drawing picturesque renditions of his local beach. As a kid, I moved around a lot after my parents divorced, and endured a period of bullying shortly after moving to a new town and new school.

The bullying centered on my Iranian heritage and in the end was the single-most important experience of growth I underwent throughout my childhood. Despite this, I still wish I had the services back then of a Sam; a loyal samurai to even up the number a little. In a way, I did; writing and cinema were my Sam.

I grew up instilled with the limitless optimism of charac- 18 ters such as Daniel Laruso, Jack Burton, Marty McFly — heroes of my childhood, breathing life into me and, in turn, inducing me to authenticate their invention. Seaside Samurai is therefore about fiction directing truth. It is an effort to express the ancient importance of stepping out of reality in order to step back into it truly inspired.

The film is also a homage to my late father, Afzal, who sadly passed away last year. Some of my fondest memories as a child were sitting beside him watching kung fu movies, believing one day I could fight the evil forces of the world too. Maybe with this short, I still can. In addition to Rain, David is currently in development on his first feature as writer-director, The Frail. To cope with their incapacity to give life, couples buy young androids who grow up with them.

What if mothers nurtured warm feelings of love for their mechanical children? What would we be left with if we lost all form of compassion for humankind and only saw it as an expendable by-product of our society? Combining the emotional impact of a family drama with the action-driven narratives of the sci-fi genre allows us to explore the abyssal needs awoken in a mother by the loss of her child. Obsessed by an in- ability to conceive, which is further exacerbated by her purposeless programming as the perfect wife, Amy will confront the system that made her and prove herself more human that those surrounding her.

A reality where again, hope lies in the younger generation. He works as a director, producer and cinematographer in France, Italy and Switzerland, accumulating award-winning short films, international commercials and feature film experience, which led him to co-found Turbulence Films with Klaus Pas in Ctrl-Alt-Del is a twenty-minute science fiction family drama telling the story of Amy, a loving mother forced to terminate her only daughter, a dysfunctional 13year-old android.

Deeply affected by this emotional void, she loses track of the reality she lives in. When Chris finds out, a violent clash follows, forcing Amy to choose between the child and her husband. Her choice leads her to discover that like her daughter, she is herself nothing more than a companion object, another android that will soon be disconnected and replaced.

Interest from Swiss production company. Looking for more partners. One day, a phone call is enough to turn her life upside down. Torn between the conviction of being a bad mother and the fear that her mother-in-law will get custody of her child, Anna finally decides to spend the three days preceding the verdict of the judge with Pierre.

Totally inexperienced and awkward as a mother, she tries to overcome the rejection of her son. More and more involved, Anna realises that the only way to communicate with Pierre is to learn this language. During the Second World War my Jewish grandmother fled Austria and took refuge in France where she met my grandfather.

They had three children but, struggling with money, had to give them away for adoption. At the age of 15, my father discovered that he was adopted. When he was 18, he travelled through France to find his biological mother. Aboudi Lao gives me the opportunity to deal with this complicated subject. As children, my friends and I often invented a magic dialect in order to exchange secrets.

This game was a symbol for a deeper dream, the possibility of creating a world in which imagination had no boundaries. Such creations are characteristic of childhood and, personally, I think they are most sacred. That is her last possibility for redemption.

Back to Paris, I was active in the same area for a production company specialised in kids TV programs. Then I worked as a web editorialist but soon discovered a need to learn the craft of screenwriting. It has been selected for European Short Pitch with Iloz Productions attached to the development. This desperate Artist put everything on one card to get a small role as an actor, although there was no job for him. But Kader is not stupid. He is a fighter. With a breathtaking dance performance in front of the astonished eyes of Sharma Kader wins his respect.

Nevertheless there is no job. Kader collapses. He leaves the office humbled. Meanwhile Sharma caught fire. He sees in Kader his long-awaited chance to get back into the spotlight. When he finally has the role for Kader, all attempts to find the Tiger Artist fail. Its author the Tamil writer Ashoka Mitran gave me his blessing to adapt it. Now I am trying to create an audio-visual world that shows the cycle of dependency between art and capital in an original way.

On the one side stays the poor tiger dancer Kader, who is a metaphor for an artist struggling for recognition and a basic living. His antagonist, the lousy filmmaker Sharma, got stuck in his past glory. These two characters clash together in a typical up to date situation: in a humiliating casting with zero chance for Kader to get a job. Tiger Fight is a perfect experimental field for a 12—14 min 3D live-action short. Stereoscopic shooting offers me the opportunity to capture the space with a presents and dynamic that was not possible in 2D.

The Tiger Artist extends his hand to the audience and takes him into another reality. The path of the Tiger is more than reality and creates new images within the spectator. The images invade you with the permanent fear of the possible death of Kader. His full length feature film debut Return of the Storks was the Slovak national entry for the 80th Academy Awards.

Besides his artistic work, he also works successfully as a contract director for TV and advertising and as producer, production manager, script editor and lecturer. Currently he writes on two feature film scripts and develops the short film Tiger Fight. She is a confused and vulnerable creature. Prompted by her alcoholic mother, she leaves to buy bread, when the elevator of the run-down Budapest apartment block breaks down and gets stuck for three days.

As no-one reacts to the alarm bell, Incella sits and waits patiently. The family notices with interest that the elevator is broken, and after a day After 3 days in her prison, Incella escapes. But to what end? It seems she had a better time inside. The characters, even Incella and her family, represent archetypes but all of them have distinctive attributes a dachshund, a saucepan, a walking frame.

The most recurring location of the movie is the stairwell, where the neighbours meet and where the elevator stands with Incella in it. Being jumped around by the fussy crowds of tenants the stairwell becomes the metaphor of intellectual impotency. The approach is not that of kitchen sink realism, it is slightly elevated and cartoonish, both in terms of visual style set-design, lighting , and acting.

The non-hierarchical, ensemble cast is visually expressed by the long takes of the film, enabling the characters to enter and exit a scene, maintaining the illusion of perpetual action, while nothing significant happens. I directed TV spots for the French Mezzo TV and also participate in projects as co-writer and consultant on dramaturgy.

Synopsis year-old Sofia is a boarding school pupil. Solitary and distant, abandoned by her parents, she has an inner visible force, ready to explode. She goes to visit the only person she has an address for, a grandmother she never met. When she arrives, the old woman tells her to go away but Sofia decides to stay and take advantage of the situation.

She imposes her presence but the old woman rejects her. Sofia realizes that she is looking for her own family. In this little industrial town of eastern France, Sofia meets Bernardo, an older Italian worker, and they begin to pass time together without any expectations. Step by step, he begins to want to take care of her.

Sofia cares about them both. She has the possibility to leave but also the possibility to stay. She has to make a decision. When you grow up without family, when you have to face a hostile environment, you learn to build yourself alone, without any love. Sofia never had a family, she is an outsider but she wants to change her life. She is looking for her own family. The most important question for Sofia is how she will be able to relate to other human beings.

Meeting this man, Bernardo, and her grandmother is a turning point for her. The script focuses on the confrontational relationship between two women of two different generations; how they evolve, how they tame each other. The script was built as a progression, with cuts, passages and pieces of dialogue. For the set, I have in mind industrial mining towns.

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Movies are most fun when you watch them with other people. How Do Watch Parties Work? If you planned to watch a movie on your TV, you should work out how to cast your computer to your TV before getting started. Once you get up and running, most of these services let you chat to your friends in a chatroom at the edge of the screen. You can usually minimize this if you want to focus on the movie, but you might miss out on some hilarious running commentary if you do.

Some of the options even let you start a video chat while watching the movie. The last point to remember is that these services sync the video for everyone watching. That means if one person pauses, it pauses for everyone else as well. I wanted to see his acting outside of DrWho. I thought it was good. It was just 15 minutes long but they were able to let you know in that small amount of time the plot.

Matts acting was good and the scene with his Dad was very emotional and done very well. Would recommend for Matt Smith fans. Matt Smith always delivers. He is a talented, multi-dimensional actor. This film is short, but very emotional and memorable. Verified purchase For a short film minutes, Together packs quite an emotional wallop. Short on dialogue, the interaction between the characters speaks volumes.

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