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Why is ethereum up today

Federica betting 10.08.2020

why is ethereum up today

Why Is Ethereum Going Up? As the big upgrade approaches, the price of Ethereum has been slowly edging higher. Some enthusiasm for ETH centers. Crypto and equity markets surged higher this afternoon, with many large-cap stocks and tokens leading the way. · These moves follow a steep. Ethereum ; Bitcoin and Ethereum led a market-wide resurgence beginning in mid July · Tech · Bitcoin price surges 20%, Ethereum up 50% ahead of 'historic'. BOGLEHEAD INVESTING WIKI

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Many crypto insiders believe investors might want to look at macroeconomic factors like inflation and government regulations of cryptocurrencies to help determine their investment strategies for the rest of this year. Instead, as these latest moves reiterate, many cryptocurrencies, and ETH, in particular, have begun moving in tandem with high-risk stocks like those listed on the tech-heavy Nasdaq.

In inflationary environments, many investors will retreat to commodities like oil and gold and tend not to be as interested in riskier investment vehicles like tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. Many eyes are also on the U.

Ethereum Volatility Ethereum, like all cryptocurrencies, has proven to be an extremely volatile investment, and rapid price fluctuations can be set off by the smallest bits of news. McMillan advises investors to consider cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, similar to Nasdaq stocks in the late s. Of course, with any high-risk investment like cryptocurrency, investors should remain aware of risks and not invest more than they can afford to lose.

Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are volatile, high-risk investments that can quickly shift directions. Investors must always do their due diligence and be prepared for the volatile nature of these investments. Was this article helpful? Send feedback to the editorial team Rate this Article.

When Will Ethereum Hit Bottom? In addition to immediate price pressures post-merge and the Fed, other factors could be driving a wider downward trend for Ethereum. However, he warns that macro-headwinds like inflation and the U. But not all crypto enthusiasts see it that way. Cryptocurrencies have begun moving in tandem with riskier asset classes like growth stocks and the tech-heavy Nasdaq. In other words, investors may flee crypto for traditionally safer assets like gold, oil and real estate during times of higher inflation.

Ethereum Had a Rough Start to Ethereum got off to a rough start in Some of this downward pressure has certainly resulted from investors correlating Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with riskier tech stocks , which have seen a great deal of downward momentum this year. When the broader market is down, cryptocurrencies follow suit.

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THE BREAK IS HERE (Don't Miss THIS)!! Bitcoin News Today \u0026 Ethereum Price Prediction (BTC \u0026 ETH) why is ethereum up today

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