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4 horse race placepot betting

Federica betting 13.11.2020

4 horse race placepot betting

The bet lives or dies by the number of runners in the race and the type of race; these determine the number of places for the race that a Placepot player's. The Placepot, or Tote Placepot, is a popular type of pool bet, the aim of which is to correctly predict a horse to be placed in each of the first six races. Placepot bets involve picking horses that will finish in the top places over 6 races at a course. While the general idea is straight forward. CRYPTOCURRENCIES W LARGEST MARKET CAP

A placepot is a good bet if you have a good run as you can have an interest in a lot of races. It, therefore, offers good value for punters. If you choose a few selections per race, the stakes will increase. To figure this out, simply take the number of selections and times it race by the number of races. Can I Join With Others? Sure, and this can be fun. Pooling your money with friends and putting in a joint bet can significantly improve what you get paid at the end.

Good question. Any tips? Gambling is, first and foremost, meant to be fun. A placepot bet can be a great way to enjoy yourself and make a decent profit. Bet on the lesser popular choices who might very well place. Especially if the races look tricky and competitive. How to Pick My Placepot Horses? You want a consistent runner.

Something reliable will bode you well with this type of bet. A horse with a good track record of a solid performance under the same conditions is a great choice. Underdogs and Vulnerable Favourites Just like in straight betting, underdogs come with bigger potential payouts. Another Placepot betting strategy is to look for vulnerable favourites and strong underdogs. Once you have selected your banker legs, keep an eye out for favourites who you think have a good chance of losing. Avoid these, or combine them with strong underdogs.

This may not increase your odds of winning, but it will increase your prize pot if you win. As we mentioned before, most punters only choose favourites, and a winning line with a few underdogs will generally have a much higher dividend. Big-field handicap races are the best choice for this strategy, as favourites do not place there as often as in races with fewer horses. Choosing Multiple Lines in Competitive Races Since you have fewer lines thanks to one or several banker selections , you now have extra space to select multiple horses on one of the more competitive races in the event.

Remember that extra picks mean extra chances to win, and you need at least one placing horse in each race to win a dividend. This is especially important in races like the Cheltenham Festival betting sites handicaps, where you can often see 20 or more horses aiming for one of four qualifying places. Check the Odds While this may seem obvious to the experienced Placepot punter, it is very important to check which betting odds that bookies are offering for horses to win or place.

When filling in a Placepot form, you usually do not get any information on whom the favourite is, or at which odds. Part of your pre-betting strategy should be to research which horses you will back for each race, and take into account both their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the more popular the race, the bigger the total prize pot. Lingfield Placepot Lingfield is one of the most popular racing venues in the UK.

Cheltenham Placepot Cheltenham is home to one of the most popular meetings in the world, the 4-day Cheltenham Festival. The Cheltenham Placepot is generally the biggest placepot in the UK, as it attracts plenty of casual bettors. These also see huge Placepots being offered.

Placepot is just one of many Tote bet types. Here are a few others: Tote Jackpot: You must pick six winners at today's Jackpot meetings. Tote Quadpot: Here you are required to pick a horse to be placed in races 3, 4, 5 and 6. Tote Exacta: For this bet type, you need to choose the horses to finish 1st and 2nd.

Tote Trifecta: Select the horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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Consistency and reliability are key when it comes to the Placepot. Horses with good form at the course should always be considered and those proven under similar racing conditions are attractive from a Placepot perspective. In races with more than one selection, it can sometimes pay to speculate on a runner at a bigger price that may outrun its odds.

For instance, a good trainer record at the track , a horse returning from a break, good back form but in poor form recently, etc. Should You Back the Favourite? When all the favourites on a card are placed, the payout is invariably low. Many betting shop punters simply back all the favourites there is a box to tick for each race to back the SP favourite and obviously the more people supporting a horse in each race, the lower the Placepot dividend will be.

It is important to remember that you do not need to win the race to stay in the Tote Placepot — all that is required is for the selected horse to place. Therefore, whilst the favourite is clearly the most likely winner, supporting a runner at bigger odds, who have a solid chance of placing, is likely to yield better returns in the long run. If the favourite fluffs their lines and is unplaced, it will knock out a large proportion of the pool and will give those remaining the opportunity to share a sizeable dividend.

There is no limit as to how many horses are picked in each individual race — but selecting multiple runners in each contest can produce eye-watering stakes. To work out stakes, the number of selections must be multiplied race by race. However, there may be a tricky, open looking runner handicap on the same card where it would be prudent to cover several runners to remain in with a shout of capturing the dividend.

Being successful at the Placepot is a balancing act between thinking differently from the rest of the crowd and including runners who have a solid chance of placing. Playing just one horse per race will result in longer losing spells but typically a smaller outlay, whilst betting two runners plus in every race produces extremely large stakes. Backing the solitary runner in contests where there is utmost confidence in the horse placing, and combining that strategy with picking several runners in the more difficult races , can keep stake size down, but give a solid change of success.

Should You Join a Syndicate? Joining a syndicate can be a fun and advantageous way to play the Placepot. By pooling funds together and placing a bet as a group, the number of lines can be increased, thus improving the chances of success. Admittedly the relative payout will be smaller as the dividend is shared between the syndicate, but having several eyes pour of the form and research potential trends which help the selection process, can be fruitful in the long term. These results are instantly shared with other online bookmakers offering the Tote Placepot, making it easy to track all your bets in-running.

Imagine the excitement of watching the sixth and final race, knowing that you only need your horse to place to scoop a share of the prize pot. Likewise, imagine the agony of making it to the final race and being in with a chance of sharing the pot, only to watch your selection pull up. The Tote website provides all the information you need to track the potential dividends of your Tote Placepot. This makes the Tote Placepot an exciting alternative to betting on one horse in a single race, especially if you pool your money together and join a syndicate.

You can bet on the Tote Placepot at any Tote window at UK racecourses or online via the best betting sites. If you bet at the track, you have 53 weeks from the date of the race to collect any winnings. If you bet online, your winnings will automatically be added to your account. If the horse becomes a non-runner after the bet has been struck, the stake goes on the SP favourite.

This will increase your unit stake on placepot betting but also covers more permutations and potential outcomes: Once you have added a selection or selections for all six races that feature, then you enter your stake.

Part of the appeal of placepot betting is that you win big off relatively small stakes. How We Rank the Best Placepot Betting Sites Now that you understand how to do a placepot bet online, it is time that we told you how we sort the wheat from the chaff. Here at SafeBettingSites, we have industry experts who know all the bets and where it best to place them.

We asked those who do a placepot live what they look far in a betting platform that has them. First and foremost, their universal response reminded us that not all horse racing betting sites have placepot betting available. Amongst those that do, here are the criteria that we look for: Usability — Even a Tote placepot is a fairly complicated wager to get on, so the betting site you go with should make the experience user friendly.

What the best in class do is have a neatly laid out placepot pool betting slip that is easy to use. For usability relating to placepot betting, William Hill comes highly recommended. Placepot dividends — It almost goes without saying that the dividends paid out to you if you win a placepot should be generous. After all, finding six horses that place in as many consecutive races is a challenge even if the wager was designed just to be a bit of fun.

Besides being user friendly, a top site must embrace modern technology and have betting apps for both Android and iOS operating systems. These include Ladbrokes, who boast one of the best horse racing betting apps in the UK. Over the din of the crowd, you may not have heard the result of a photo finish for a place. Live placepot results keep you in the picture. There is none better than Betfred for placepot results today due to their long-time association with the Tote.

Offers and deals — This is rare with any form of pool betting, but if there is any way to cover or enhance placepots that you make, you should look into it. All the top sites let you have more than one line, so you can cover as many potential outcomes as you like. There are promotions relating to the Tote pools placepot such as Placepot Insurance if the first leg of the wager goes down. Placepot Rules You understand what is a placepot bet and how to place a placepot bet but what about the rules?

This is not a regular fixed odds wager but a form of pool betting pioneered by the Tote. Deductions can and do still apply in the event of horses being withdrawn and becoming non-runners. Getting a grip on the placepot rules helps you understand key difference between this bet and an ordinary punt with the bookies.

You will be pleased to know that place terms, like those for an each way bet , are largely the same when you put on placepots.

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How to do a Placepot and Quadpot

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