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3 betting small pairs in pears

Federica betting 30.12.2020

3 betting small pairs in pears

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3 betting small pairs in pears what are bitcoins and how do you get them

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Share post If you are going to improve your poker game, then you are going to have to learn how to play poker in three-bet pots. Three-betting is such an integral part of the modern aggressive game that you simply must know how to deploy and defend.

Here is some advice on how and when to call with pocket pairs in three-bet pots, when playing cash games. Players have a magnetic attraction to pocket pairs and believe that they have to be played in all instances, and this is simply not true. The vast majority of the time, and especially in three-bet pots, you are playing your pocket pairs with the view of hitting a set. If you have less than big blinds in a cash game, then you are not going to get the right odds to hit your set often enough to justify a call.

Pre-ante, we want to tighten up and avoid open-raising small pairs 22—44 from early and middle position. We can begin opening all pairs in the LoJack. We can definitely make adjustments if we are in a tough tournament or have aggressive opponents behind. In these scenarios, folding 22—55 in early and middle position post-ante is completely acceptable. Playing small pocket pairs postflop We will not cover how to play small pairs postflop when we hit a set because playing for value is fairly straightforward in those situations our fast-playing vs slow-playing article sums it up well.

Poker Tournament. Villain MP raises to 2, Hero calls. What do we do when Villain checks? With such a wide continue range already, it is completely acceptable to let go of 33— We will have to fold to a turn bet on any non-4 turn. Picking up that equity makes playing later streets much easier, as we gain the ability to bet, raise or call down.

A2s has 5 outs to improve and loses to basically the same number of hands as We are going to want to do a lot of checking back with small pairs on this flop. Betting would essentially be turning our pair into a bluff, which is unnecessary because we have other, more effective hands to bluff with in our range.

This will also result in us having a too high bluff-to-value ratio on the flop. Additionally, small pairs have enough showdown value to make some calls on later streets. When do we want to start bluffing small pairs?

Small pairs can frequently end up in the bottom of our range on many run outs, and in these situations, we may need to bluff when checked to on later streets even though we have some small amount of showdown value. How to play small pocket pairs with less than 30bbs We have play small pairs quite differently with less than 30bbs. Learn about open-raising with a short stack more generally with this article.

Although we tighten our calling and opening ranges with small pairs, as we get shorter small pairs make for great shove and re-steal opportunities. We can profitably shove any small pair from the cutoff and HiJack as well. We have to take other factors into consideration, such as table strength, the players in blinds and on the button, ICM, and so on.

3 betting small pairs in pears ethereal compoinents


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