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Vsa forex

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vsa forex

VSA focuses on price and volume and seeks to find the actions of professional traders. Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) for forex trading. More information. Can some one with VSA knowledge to comment if I can trade forex with VSA or VSA is only for stock? 2. If from your experience, VSA is good. That's How We Handle Gold #ALPINE_TRADERS #FOREX #TRADING #STOCKS #VSA #MARKET_PROFILE #VOLUME_PROFILE #COMPOSITE_VOLUME. ELLIOTT WAVES FOREXWORLD

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Simple Forex Trading Strategy for Advanced VSA Traders - Episode 1 vsa forex


Hence, they leave their footprints in volume data. When the professionals are active, the market shows high trading volume. Conversely, when the market volume is low, the professionals might be holding their horses. It follows that in order to get a sense of what the big guys are up to, looking at just price action is not enough. We need to look at price together with volume.

Does VSA work in all markets? VSA focuses on price and volume and seeks to find the actions of professional traders. Hence, as long as a market has a group of professionals and offers reliable price and volume data, the trading premise of VSA holds.

Almost all financial markets stocks, futures, forex seem to fit the bill. However, in the spot forex market, volume is a tricky concept. You will not get actual traded volume. You get tick volume which measures the times the price ticks up or down. If you intend to use VSA methods for trading spot forex, you need to decide if your source of tick volume is a reliable proxy for actual volume.

Need help deciding? How do we use VSA to trade? I will not sugar-coat the fact that VSA is difficult to master. However, price analysis is not enough. Proponents of VSA say it is more important to understand exactly where the money is now and where it will be at the moment we need it.

Volume determines the "hunger" or "saturation" of the market, which affects the strength and direction of price impulses. Volume is the cause of any movement. We have already dismissed fundamental and technical analysis as the only explanation for movements in financial markets. VSA suggests looking at price movement in relation to volume as the main factor. For example, no matter how good the performance of the market or an individual issuer may seem, if the trading volumes have been at a peak for a long time, we can expect an impending slack or reversal.

Different traders have different roles in forex. The basic idea of the concept is that different types of traders carry different types of information. We can base our trading strategy on this idea. Retail traders are those who have small accounts and trade casually. Commercial traders are investment banks whose function is to place orders in the market to meet customer needs.

Professional traders are qualified investors who seek to win and almost always try to stay slightly behind the market in order to go in a steady trend. By calculating which type is making the weather now, a trader is more accurate in predicting future price movements in forex.

VSA is suitable for all markets: commodity, stock, forex, etc. This approach is really unique in behavioral research. It helps to bypass the limitations of classical fundamental and technical analysis. Volumes give an idea not only about the direction but also about the strength of the future trend. This is very useful.

Disadvantages of VSA for forex trading: Lack of clarity. There are no clearly defined rules in theory. There is a concept of market strength and weakness, but everything is quite vague. This is an obvious disadvantage for beginners. It takes a long time to sweat over a demo account to master everything. Bad for high-frequency trading. In short time frames, classic technical analysis is much more effective.

An uptrend pattern can appear on the candlestick chart as a large uptrend candlestick on super high volume with a further downward movement. Such anomalous candlesticks are not uncommon in forex and are associated with the manifestation of aggressive trading.

In particular, these situations often occur after the broadcasting of important news. The appearance of the pattern of upward movement sends a signal to many traders about the beginning of a reversal movement. Shakeout The term Shakeout consists of two words — Shake and Out.

The term requires no explanation. It reflects what happens behind the candlestick formations. The big forex players often use the Shakeout to drive the weaker players out of the promising bull market. When trading on margin with leverage, their skinny deposits simply can't withstand the drawdown from the resulting ripples. Shakeouts can be found on any type of chart, across different time frames and markets. The classic VSA pays a lot of attention to shakeouts. Level Attack On a price chart, a pattern is represented by powerful candles or bars with high volume, which "break" the current price patterns.

For example, observing this during a sideways movement, you can say that the consolidation period is coming to an end. The main point: the candle should break out at a really strong level. The levels should be fully formed. Stopping Volume The harbinger of the end of the imminent change of the trend on the forex market.

Often there is a sharp increase in liquidity against the background of rapid growth, which is quickly followed by a state of uncertainty and a decline in volumes. It is important for forecasting. The main mistake beginners make is to see a mistaken continuation of the trend, mistaking a reversal for a consolidation. Big players can manipulate the market with such a trick, knocking down stop-losses en masse and changing the trading volume.

Be careful. It is a fairly reliable indicator that shows the current state of affairs in forex. In such cases, we can see how the uptrend bumps into a hidden resistance level, to which many sell orders were most likely attached. A simple "squeeze" does not work, so the market moves to the accumulation stage. They should not deviate below the average for the forex market.

Ideally, if the broker does not draw quotes, but only acts as an intermediary. During consolidation periods, the accuracy is less than during the peaks. Analyze forex volumes separately from price. Therefore, the same strategies may work differently on different instruments. Conclusion Although the concept was invented almost years ago, volumes are still a valuable indicator of any market forex included.

They offer an alternative methodology for measuring the market for analysis. Volume is also dangerous because it can be confusing to those who don't know about them. So follow the proverb that advises measuring twice, and cutting once.

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