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Private equity investing in education

Federica betting 02.04.2021

private equity investing in education

Areas that private equity firms have focused on in the past include corporate education, training systems, vocational training programs, and for. This list of companies and startups in the education space with private equity funding provides data on their funding history, investment activities. The managers of the Rise Funds—private-equity firm TPG's impact-investing vehicle—say their success with investments in educational. NFL BETTING FORUM

Director of Financial Research, Harris Family Alternative Investments Program, The Wharton School Testimonials As the chair of a public pension fund and a trustee of a public deferred compensation plan, the board members and I are presented with numerous offers to invest in various funds.

It provided concrete information that addressed my questions and concerns and then some. The program was quite comprehensive, covering topics such as the historical framework for private equity investing, leveraged buyouts, commercial due diligence, the anatomy of a deal, the roles of the general partners and limited partners, and key terms in PE partnership agreements.

The program was fast paced, relevant, thought provoking, current, and intellectually stimulating. It was a tremendously enjoyable educational experience enhanced by interactive exercises; opportunities to problem solve and puzzle through case studies and valuation models; and insight gained from very accomplished participants around the globe with careers, backgrounds, and perspectives that were as diverse as their nationalities.

My background is in private equity operations and I was interested to learn more about the investment side of PE. The course has a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of helpful topics, including: the LBO model, FE fund structure, managing for value, DCF in emerging markets, and practical case studies. I learned a lot from faculty, PE industry professionals, guest speakers, and peers from all around the world with diverse backgrounds.

In addition to negotiating business development deals, I also oversee the making of investments into venture capital funds who in turn invest in new biotech start-ups in this space. The course had a module covering the venture capital sector which proved valuable to me in this regard. There are very limited executive education offerings out there that deal with private equity.

Thanks to the Wharton course, I have much more confidence now when engaging with private equity investors, because now I understand it from the inside. Our main instructor was very knowledgeable. Meanwhile, more financial services companies are trying to serve lower-income populations, creating demand for the kind of educational content EverFi provides, Ellis says. Penta recently spoke with Ellis and Rogers about how the Rise Fund seeks out companies such as EverFi that provide educational services needed by society, and that are on a fast-track to growth.

Part of that expansion was driven by the coronavirus pandemic, when DreamBox opened its platform for free and in two weeks added 1. Thematic Investing The Rise Funds educational investments are driven by themes the firm believes will lead to growth. InStride, a company created in out of a partnership between the Rise Funds and Arizona State University, works with businesses to provide free, online four-year degrees their workers can pursue during their employment to get ahead.

The idea is to make continuing education and workforce development a benefit to workers just like healthcare, Ellis says. Other themes are addressing mental and behavioral health and solving the national problem of teacher shortages. The New York-based company, which provides online therapy solutions for schools, initially focused on special education services and has expanded into mental and behavioral health.

Their services also help alleviate shortages of special education professionals, particularly in rural areas.

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