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Active people in crypto media

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active people in crypto media

It's hard for most people to imagine their lives without the use of social media, and crypto enthusiasts are no different. Twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency: Roughly 19% of women ages 18 to 29 say they have invested in, traded or used a. Thus, it can clearly be stated that no one person can control the utter volatile world of cryptocurrencies! And the decentralized system ledger of. BITCOIN CHART 2022

Because of the relatively small sample size and a reduction in precision due to weighting, we are not able to analyze Asian American respondents by demographic categories, such as gender, age or education. In the new survey, certain demographic groups are particularly likely to say they have used cryptocurrencies, with some of the largest differences by age and gender.

These differences are especially pronounced when looking at age and gender together. Among both men and women, the likelihood of having invested in, traded or used cryptocurrency decreases with age. Asian, Black and Hispanic adults are more likely than White adults to say they have ever invested in, traded or used a cryptocurrency.

There are no statistically significant differences by household income. While majorities across demographic groups say they have heard at least a little about cryptocurrency, smaller shares say they have heard a lot. The share of adults who have heard a lot about cryptocurrency also varies by race, ethnicity and household income. These findings emerge as government leaders and others debate the regulation of cryptocurrency — which has been defined as a medium of exchange that is digital, encrypted and decentralized, with no central authority that manages and maintains its value.

Financial regulators have worried about policing cryptocurrencies and have raised concerns about the long-term viability of such currencies, such as Bitcoin. China recently banned transactions using cryptocurrencies. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell said this summer that these currencies need more regulation , and the Biden administration is trying to combat ransomware by cracking down on cryptocurrency payments.

So she built her own. That dilemma, as well the questions she started getting from her clients on crypto, led her to launch a crypto course and build on top of her existing community through Guidefi. Fadirepo started Guidefi after experiencing difficulty in finding the right financial advisor for her own family. I would just encourage folks that are encountering those spaces to find a space that works for you. Once you start advising people on their wealth, you have to think of all sides of wealth, which includes digital wealth.

While spaces that are more conducive for women and people of color invested in crypto can be harder to find, they do exist, she says. Abidi, a Pakistani-American artist who was born and raised in Pakistan and migrated to California at the age of 14, is one of many artists who has recently taken their talents to the digital space by minting and selling non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, on digital marketplaces. Her first-ever NFT collection functions as an empowerment campaign to bring , girls and women into the worlds of Web3, blockchain, and crypto by the end of It was more like this is what we want to do.

We were very intentional with it. Around 7. It can offer a pathway to economic empowerment for women and people of color, says Mesidor, an expert at the intersection of public policy and crypto. Prior to her career in crypto, Mesidor was a Barack Obama presidential appointee, charged with promoting White House economic programs and national public-private partnerships to advance innovation and entrepreneurship.

By , Mesidor was disenchanted with politics and started learning about crypto. Within a year, she was working in the crypto industry full-time. While the gender and racial gaps are real, Mesidor says there is a lot of mainstream adoption being driven already by Black and Latino communities. Right now, crypto may appear male dominated, but the future of crypto is gender and racially inclusive. According to Mesidor, part of the reason may be because of the historic barriers that Black and Latinx communities, particularly women in those communities, have faced in traditional financial markets like the stock market and the real estate market.

She says the uptick is a positive sign, but it also signals a greater need for financial education around crypto and investing in general.

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Each campaign, on the other hand, will have a distinct goal, such as promoting product development, gaining new investors, or increasing your crypto community members. Defining your audience Understanding how your target audience behaves might help you streamline your crypto social media marketing efforts. It is also essential to know which social media platform is most likely preferred by your target audience. It is not necessary that every crypto brand should be active on all social media platforms.

Based on your goals and where your target audience is most like to engage with you, choosing those platforms will help you achieve your goals. If your target market spends time engaging with crypto communities on Twitter or Telegram , for example, you should concentrate your crypto social media marketing efforts there than pursuing minor audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Defining your target audience is all about taking efforts in the right direction and reaching where your audience is already present. Competitive analysis can help you to: Determine who your rivals are on various crypto social media platforms. What are the most popular crypto social media accounts? How effective are their methods? Set a standard for your findings. Reach Masses Reaching a high number of followers on any social media requires your crypto brand to be consistent, and relevant, and to provide information to people that are not present on the internet.

Investing in a good crypto content marketing strategy will go a long way as these crypto social media platforms often push content that is engaged with by a large number of people to more people. Given the statistics, crypto social media has a huge space for brands to get discovered by their potential customers and investors, which as a broad strategy also helps crypto brands to drive their ICOs, IDOs, and token sales seamlessly. Building Community To say that some people are really enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies is an understatement.

As a result, several of these new currencies are establishing chatrooms, Slack channels, subreddits, forums, Telegram groups, Discord servers, and other means of keeping their markets informed and engaged. For example, GameStar Exchange regularly promotes its updates and new announcements on its Telegram channel for the crypto community members.

This value can take various shapes, but it should always be intended to teach, entertain, spark debate, and obtain honest feedback. The appropriate forum for a crypto company to express its knowledge in a certain area is social media, and the best way to do it is to create outstanding content that people will share with others.

This is how successful crypto businesses have been able to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective markets. Customer Support If your followers i. Customer complaints or feedback are nothing to be terrified of.

Take them on head-on. Gamestar exchange twitter interaction with its followers When customers are treated with care, these chances may frequently evolve into fantastic testimonials. Whether or not exchanges maintain a specific help account on social media, they utilize it to direct clients to the appropriate locations at the appropriate times. This also creates trust between your crypto project and your customers as they know your team or your brand is always approachable and in short helps your brand build credibility.

Boost Sales Your crypto social media accounts are an important aspect of your sales funnel, which is the process of converting a new follower into an investor in your project. This is also called crypto social media selling. Crypto social networks will become increasingly significant for new project discovery and investments as a large number of crypto enthusiasts utilizing crypto social media continue to rise and social sales technologies expand.

The moment has come to link your crypto social media marketing activities to your sales objectives. Wrapping Up Starting in , only a small percentage of the population was aware that decentralized money was real, but it did exist. Cryptocurrency awareness has grown from a 2,person email list to one of the most popular topics on the internet today.

The impact of social media on cryptocurrency value has had a significant impact. The internet excitement is heavily influenced by popular magazines, industry influencers, and the currencies themselves. Cryptocurrency marketing is a social endeavor that will be more successful if you establish a community on one or more social media sites. Investing in the right crypto social media marketing strategy or a crypto marketing agency could be your first step in the right direction to reap the benefits of what crypto social media has to offer for your project.

We are a team of 75 data-driven digital marketers and growth experts. Related Post. Gavin Wood gavofyork 22 Gavin Wood is President and Founder at Web3 Foundation, developers of the Polkadot Protocol that will allow a completely decentralized web by enabling independent blockchains to exchange information and execute transactions.

Prior to this, he was Co-founder of Ethereum, inventor of its Solidity contract language, and author of the Yellow Paper, which was the first blockchain protocol to be formally specified. Novogratz also has an A. She was named one of 50 people shaping global business by Bloomberg, among other recognitions. Palihapitiya was an early senior executive at Facebook and is a minority stakeholder and board member of the Golden State Warriors.

He is an outspoken activist for decentralization and democrotization of power. Kathleen Breitman breitwoman 27 Kathleen Breitman is CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions and Co-founder at Tezos, a self-amending cryptographic ledger, and creator of the unreleased blockchain-based trading card game Emergents.

She was also a Robert L. Uniswap automates liquidity and removes the need for intermediaries, and it eclipsed CoinBase in trading volume in Prior to this, he was an engineer at Siemens and at Vista Wearable. Suarez is a crypto-friendly politician who has advocated for Miami's growth as a cryptocurrency metropolis.

Suarez was named one of Fortune magazine's World's 50 Greatest Leaders in He declared in September that his ultimate aim for the city of Miami is to remove taxes. Instead, he aims to support the city's operations through the issuing and ongoing mining of MiamiCoin, a city-specific blockchain coin. He additionally indicated that Miami is considering allowing citizens to be paid in BTC and to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. Finally, Suarez became the first U. Joseph Lubin ethereumJoseph 30 Joseph Lubin is Co-founder of Ethereum and Founder of ConsenSys, a blockchain studio and consultancy creating decentralized applications, developer tools, and enterprise solutions on Ethereum.

Their products include Quorum, Codefi, Infura, MetaMask, Truffle, and Diligence and manage billions of dollars in assets for millions of users. Prior to this, he was in technology and research at companies including Goldman Sachs. Eli Ben-Sasson and Michael Riabzev. For the past two decades, Uri has been an entrepreneur in optical communications, medical products, cleantech, and software.

He is also a graduate of the 's Haman Talpiot program. She has been providing investment research for over 15 years in various public and private capacities. Her background lies at the intersection of engineering and finance and her insights have been featured on almost every major news outlet in the cryptocurrency space. He is also Principal of Winklevoss Capital. Cameron Winklevoss cameron 35 Cameron Winklevoss is Principal at Winklevoss Capital and Co-founder and President of Gemini with his twin brother Tyler , an important cryptocurrency exchange.

Prior to this, he was a US Olympic Rower. He is a cryptocurrency advocate who believes that Bitcoin will succeed as a safe haven against inflation and an alternative to gold. Marc Andreessen pmarca 37 Marc Lowell Andreessen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser; co-founder of Netscape; and co-founder and general partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

His firm is one of the largest global investors in cryptocurrency start-ups. Elon Musk elonmusk 38 Elon Musk is a businessman, entrepreneur, and investor. Elon has long been an avid supporter of crypto and was one of if not the biggest contributor to Dogecoin's success. He is also the new owner of Twitter Inc. Prior to this, he was Managing Director of CoinDesk during its acquisition, as it grew revenue 7x in 18 months and organized the largest industry event, Consensus He blogs and tweets about crypto, technology, and current events.

Jean-Louis van der Velde jlvdv 44 J. He is also CEO of Tether, a system for frictionless payment clearing that is being beta tested. MakerDAO keeps Dai stable using smart contracts that respond to the changing market. Prior to this, he Co-founded the international recruitment agency Try China.

His interests include philosophy of mind, consciousness, complex systems, theoretical physics, and metaphysics. He has worked as a portfolio manager as well as analyst for a variety of reputable investors, including Michael Steinhardt, Lord Rothschild, Steve Cohen, Stan Druckenmiller, and Julian Robertson. Dan is also on the investment committee of the Lawrenceville School, where he serves on the board of directors. He also founded the blog Better Finance Guru about innovative investment products.

Investing solely in blockchain technologies, they are now one of the largest institutional crypto holders. Prior to this, he founded Atriax and worked at Deutsche Bank. Joyce Kim joyce 52 Joyce Kim is Co-founder and Executive Director of Stellar, an open payment network using blockchain to bridge global and digital currencies and assets, with the intention of helping everyone access financial services. It is built to handle both microtransactions and large payments, as well as foreign exchange and low-fee cross-border transactions.

In , Su Zhu co-founded the firm with Kyle Davies, and they are currently among the world's largest crypto holders, with a portfolio that is worth billions in USD. Yusko is a hedge fund manager and investor from the United States. Morgan Creek Capital Management, an investment management business which guides pension funds, endowments, and affluent individuals, was founded by Mark and he also serves as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director. Michael is a Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology physicist and scientist.

Michael also has a PhD in physics from Swinburne University. He also founded the top cryptocurrency publication CoinTelegraph. Fred Ehrsam fehrsam 57 Fred Ehrsam is Co-founder of the early-stage crypto and blockchain investment fund Paradigm, whose investors include Sequoia Capital and Yale University.

Co-founder and Board Member of the crypto exchange platform Coinbase, he appeared on 30 Under 30 lists in both Time and Forbes. Prior to this, he was a trader at Goldman Sachs. The Sandbox was among the first projects to help bring the metaverse concept to the mainstream. Andreas Antonopoulos aantonop 59 Andreas Antonopoulos is a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin educator. Naval Ravikant naval 60 Naval Ravikant is a venture capitalist and Managing Partner at the early-stage social media investment fund Hit Forge.

An advocate for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, he backed the crypto index fund HOLD 10 and writes about these technologies on his blog, and Twitter. This individual originally became known as Plan B after publishing a study in early which attempted to estimate BTC's price using the stock-to-flow concept. Plan B has extensive knowledge in financial markets, as well as a legal and quantitative finance background. Galia Benartzi galiabenartzi 64 Galia Benartzi is Co-founder and in Business Development at The Bprotocol Foundation, developing the Bancor protocol, which creates tradable smart tokens leveraging algorithmic pricing and the network effect.

He has worked on several open source projects, including Bitcore a Javascript Bitcoin library as well as the Copay Bitcoin Wallet. He has also worked as a teaching assistant. Nathaniel Whittermore nlw 66 Nathaniel Whittermore serves as the host of The Breakdown, a popular daily crypto podcast with numerous followers. Prior to this, he was Product Manager at Facebook and in growth at Snapchat.

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Decentralized Social Media Explained


And today, we will take a closer look at how blockchain has revolutionized social media and review the top nine crypto social media platforms in no particular order. It looks like a mix of Twitter and Facebook and has its own token to reward active users. People can also gift coins to other users for quality content.

This network offers company pages and clans, smaller forums that focus on their own goals. Company pages have similar features to LinkedIn, so you can add your team members, post on the page, interact with other users or companies using your company page. Torum has a beautiful design and is very easy to use.

The search function allows you to find users, new people, clans, and companies. With 15M active users, instant messaging features, and earning opportunities, Minds is a real alternative to Twitter and other conventional social networks.

It has all the features of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and an extremely user-friendly mobile experience. However, if you write a blog post or share a valuable link, you will gain more. You can use Minds. One token can boost a post for impressions. An Instagram alternative Image via socialx. It is very similar to Instagram as a photo- and video-first platform that favors visual content. The social media platform rewards users with the SOCX token that you can trade on several platforms.

One of the most remarkable features of SocialX is Superlikes. Like many other crypto social networks, SocialX allows you to earn tokens for posting photos and videos. The network plans to launch company pages and its own prepaid credit card soon so that users will be able to spend their rewards instantly using the SocialX card. Bitclout launched in March and has sparked a lot of controversy because of creator coins tied to famous people, like Ariana Grande and Elon Musk.

Those coins were launched without permission from those people by simply featuring their Twitter accounts on the platform. Despite this controversy, BitClout continues attracting new users thanks to its open-source nature and earning potential. Investing in other promising creators who join the platform and speculating on the value of their coins.

Buying and selling NFTs. By earning diamonds for your content. Steven Zeller, a former senior software engineer at Foundry. In short, BitClout DeSo encourages network participants to create valuable content, art, NFTs, music, and work on exciting projects that help attract more investments. It acts as a decentralized search engine for videos. Everyone can earn rewards on DTube for being active on the platform. No ads. No premium subscription.

Zero censorship. You can see who liked and disliked videos. Everyone content creators and content consumers earns money on DTube. Decentralized microblogging on the blockchain. Image via ignite. Ignite is inspired by the importance of freedom of speech, the fight against censorship, and protecting anonymity.

It allows anyone with modern internet access to share their opinions and exchange ideas without worrying about being censored or having their identity revealed. Today, Ignite has 82K users. The problem has been determining how to reach this massive audience and provide them with valuable information about their alternatives.

Obtaining knowledge on cryptocurrency has gotten much easier in recent years, thanks to the rise of crypto social media. It is much simpler for the content to spread like wildfire if it gives value to its intended audience. Ten years ago, the majority of people had little or no knowledge about cryptocurrencies, but now, people all over the globe are talking about it.

Social media has played a huge part in educating people about cryptocurrency, which is why we are seeing such enormous investments in the crypto industry. However, much work has to be done in terms of selecting the appropriate content for the various social media sites. It has become a part of our daily lives and how we engage with each other all around the world. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are no exception.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is contributed mostly to social networks. As a result, it is not surprising that blockchain developers and crypto businesses are using social media platforms for crypto aficionados for promoting and building brand awareness around their projects. These blockchain-based social media networks have grown in popularity in recent years. There is a high demand for crypto-related knowledge, and businesses and individuals are racing to fulfill it.

As platforms for disseminating crypto information, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit have been at the forefront. Ripple, a large blockchain-based company, has provided a lot of knowledge through webinars and even a TV series, The Ripple Drop.

Today, conventional social platforms are giving way to cryptocurrencies to promote and thrive on their platforms, and hence the crypto social media future seems bright. The majority of blockchain networks reward their members for their engagement and activity on a majority of their social media channels. The most significant reason for any crypto brand to be present on the social media platform is the amount of brand exposure it can get through these platforms.

According to the recent statistics for , Facebook alone has over 2. Any crypto business must find ways to connect with its audience, and the majority of this can be done only through social media. As a result, every crypto brand should be investing in a well-planned, laid out, crypto social media marketing strategy. So, the importance of social media can not be stressed enough.

Therefore, each social media platform needs to have its own marketing strategy. Let us have a look at different social media marketing strategies for your crypto business. Setting Goals Having a variety of crypto social media channels at your disposal and publishing haphazardly is not a recipe for social media marketing success, in fact, will guarantee social media havoc leaving your marketing team in a mess.

It is always a good practice to establish S. T goals for your crypto social media marketing strategy. Specific Focus on a single area for improvement. Measurable Quantify and specify a progress indicator. Achievable Make sure your objectives are attainable given your resources. Realistic Set goals that can be achieved realistically. Time-Related Have a deadline by when you must attain your goals. From a broader perspective, we may deduce that the ultimate purpose of social media marketing is to increase investment in your crypto project.

Each campaign, on the other hand, will have a distinct goal, such as promoting product development, gaining new investors, or increasing your crypto community members. Defining your audience Understanding how your target audience behaves might help you streamline your crypto social media marketing efforts. It is also essential to know which social media platform is most likely preferred by your target audience.

It is not necessary that every crypto brand should be active on all social media platforms. Based on your goals and where your target audience is most like to engage with you, choosing those platforms will help you achieve your goals. If your target market spends time engaging with crypto communities on Twitter or Telegram , for example, you should concentrate your crypto social media marketing efforts there than pursuing minor audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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