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jayob e sports betting

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I have always thought one of his be. Yet he recovered himself, and before the distance was reached The Yeoman and the others were as good as dead for all the chance of winning thoy hid. Mr liijjl boxpUins that after he hit the hurdle he thought the horse was crippled, but he shook off ihe soreness, and tiking hold of the bit he seemed absolutely to fly until he caught the field.

Certainly Bob Ray bent Challenger and Wallace in the autumn, but I am net inclined to place too much reliance upon that form. While Bob Ray was strung up to conceit pitch, his opponents were dt cidedly off colour, and ps the season advances this view of rhe cisc will probably receive ample verification.

In Darebin's year as short; a prise as 5 to 4 was taken about Somersit for the Victoria Derby, but he out a most inglorious figure in the race, finishing absolutely last. One clock, specially designed, is made to operate from 20 to 40 clocks in a single stable, aud perhaps a dozen stables are now so equippe The boxes that contain the f' oi ovor night have tcap-doors in tbe bottom, and are provided with suitable spout?

From e«ch trap door a wire runs to the clock, which is arranged to liberate at the designator! There was a timo v»hen tho Whip was held year by year by the champion of the turf, and there is a splendid array of names in its history. No man has hold it, however, so ofton as ths Duke of Beaufort, who was always rtady to challenge for it.

Price, on Jennie, won the first race at the Australian Trotting Association's inaugural meoiing at Moonee Valley on tbo 25fch ult. Accordiug to the report in the Australasian there was some funny business over the Association Trot, in connection with which an inquiry was held into the performance of Gwen. Atter going a mile or so! The stewards, having got the assurance from a veterinary surgeon that she was not lame, decided to try tbe roare themselves, and they put up Mr J. R FWce, while they engaged Mr F.

Samson to drive Peter Jackson as paceiraker. A galloping pacemaker uUo took part. The trial was a perfect farce. Mr Fiske subsequently reported to the stewards that tbe rider of the galloping pacemaker had harassed his mount all the way, kicking Gweu in the belly several times and causing Lor to break. He thought Gwen, if not interfered with, was an honest trttter. The stewards decided, after along cmmUatiou, to disqualify Gwen aud her rider, T.

Price, for 12 mouths, ami a! It was only natural that I should wish to lot our visitors Icdow that I wunttd them to have fair play, and I invariably endeavoured to give the stranger a good chat. Neither did Simms eror complain to me of unfair Uvntuierit. Frequently when he seemed unwilling to join his horses have I told him what to do. The suggestion, if Mr D. M'MilWu story wai that he had made an arrangemtnt with a Mr Glceson to take charge of the horso. Gleeson said that he and Moloney owned the horse, and that thoy would pay nny expenses ho might inour.

He charged them nothing for training, and had no interest whatever in any stake the horge might win. His Lordship acceded to the request, with the result that Roeebery beat Controversy comfortably. May I name my home after you and call him Rojobery, and I fancy you know the winner of tiie back-end bandic»p P " Tho desired permission was granted, and 'til a matter of history now that the good thing duly came off.

I remember both races vividly — indeed, this wa» one of the few big doubJei I ever managed to ttrike, though for a very trifling amount. A London cablegram states that Paris ia suffering from a cold and is coimquently knocked out of the betting for tbe Cambridgeshire. It is etatod that the stable have lefrftined from backing the gelding, and that the previous position held by him in the quotations was due to the amount of Australian manoy invested.

The moderate Melbourne was one that be had the training of, without! Other jumpers alto have been at one time or another owned by the enterprising D. But, us I have said, hehpfl genM-ally coufiix d hifl attention pretty well to flat racing. Hippo fs back, bab with a split hexjf, and backers are oxpresaly advised by oar AacUUtid coriespo»dent to stiard off him.

Impulse ia by tfcis time at the convincing ground, looking well, we are told — or co ho was when he h-ft Auckland. There was a report in circulation at Dunedin laHt Saturday to the ifivcb that Skirmisher hid gone amiss, but onr Cbrintchurch correspondent dots not bear tbio out — rather ho scums to think a lot of Mr Reid's chance with this horse. Casket appeared to walk a little tendor in front after a gallop on Saturday; and anyway, even though tbis m?

Royal Rose rnaj be not down positively ss a non-starter; hif game is probubly the Caulfleld Cup. Several bu-keri aro nibbling at Pegasua. Aldersbot is well ; for that J can vouch. Magazine's defeat at Plumpton Park is an ugly fact for wbish I have no explanation.

Gipsy Grand is doing all that is asked of him. Monk Carlo has friends willing to take a price. Silvei Spec won her race well enough on Saturday, arjd is not to be altogether forgotten. Euroclydon ii auothar that wants watching.

He ia going to ttrip fit. Qailtiri has a. There ia a growiug feeling that Saracen will represent Mr Hobbs ou the day. Such is the latest gossip about our big race. In tho straiaht Freebora passed fiainbow, and won by a clear length in the fast time of 2min 54seo. Aprf moi. For tbe Spring Handicap »hi rublic si owed a decided prof on-nee for li.

She was my selection when the weights appeared. Stonewall Jaek«on trotted a really good mile — not a record, or anything like one, but nevertheless a capital go ; and be bad such a lob to spare that with p'casuro he might possibly have approaohed Yum Yum's champion live. Commotion, later on, did a mile only a second flower, but be had nothing to como and go on.

Artillery's etock did a fair day's work. At the monthly meeting of the C. The leading bod'ea on the Coast appear to have come to an understanding, for st tbe same meeting of the C. Of the rfceins not a great deal need be raid by way of commenting on the report appearing elsewhere. Paratnu, strange to say, was maue favourite for tbe Cup, end, as might have been expected, he once mere ltt his backers down by the run.

That useful horse Toxa, owned by tbe judicious Mr J. I was pleased to bear of Hastie getting a turn with these mares of Mr Laiug's He is a deoent youDg fe'ilow, who has had a prolonged battle ag-ucrtt ili-luok. Malcolm Allan Wfnt up to the meeting, and rode one winner, but got done in bis second attempt, the a»oient Wind'or pipping his mount after a determined eet-to.

In the absesoe of aay visible cause, the death is supposed to have resulted from bearb disease. There were snbicriptious to this race. The guaranteed prize is sovs. This colt belongs to Mr W. The fllly by Harden from Onli Duck, who finished third, would carry the stated weight of 8.

She is owned by Mr T. We must keep on breeding for the. Andrew— Hippana Syrs. And at the back of this floe show cf wellipcdigreed horses there is a splendid reserve of 'yearlings, besides several two-yeer-olds that have not yet been taken up. Seme of the members in the '. Her sire is by the great English torse leonomy out of a Mutket marc, and her Oam is by Robmpon Crutoe from an imported tmaro by Flying Dutch man.

Pretty select, this. Industry, again, is by Nautilus a son of and her dam is by Gang Forward. The public evidently did cot fancy him. In hat heir judgment jproved correct. But it was wofuliy astray jefter all in regard to the picking of the winner. The defeat of BJoodfhot reminds me of Medallion's downfall in , when St. Androw won. However, as the weeks turn to months, various improvements have been made specifically in regards to food supply as rice and dried fish is brought in in large amounts to help alleviate food rationing, and the large presence of the Japanese armada in the nearby sea gives them some peace of mind that no more of their men need to die in a war not their own.

The issue of religion is handled in stride as the honorable Ibiki Moriyama of the Kensei order secured total religious autonomy as the Shinbutsu Shugo does not necessarily do missionary work as well as respect for the Islamic tradition seeing it essentially as harmless. Support is also given to the new Kalimantan allies as shipments of food and even arms and armor are given to help them rebuild their drained manpower from the Bali war.

At home, the arrival of this news is met with shock but also admiration. The acquisition of territory in a bloodless fashion as well as the negotiating skill of the Kensei Order Masters is not gone unnoticed or unrewarded. A declaration is sent back giving Ibiki a free range to establish a Kensei Order Shrine on the island.

The development in Kenenaitzu continues as another group of enterprising fur rangers arrive and establish themselves in the region on contract for five years with a handsome payment given depending on their service. The establishment of a well plotted route to the new world outpost is established and the Aleuts within the claimed Aleutian Islands chain are organized and offered modern goods in exchange for their services in acquiring valuable furs and pelts as well as blubber for use in many other economic activities.

At home, the rebuilding of Kamakura and Nankaido in general continues. The re-development of many of the Eastern ports continues to accommodate higher traffic. Duchy of Thuringia: Konrad Jung becomes the provincial vicar of Saxony and Thuringia by his religious order, and he begins to visit and oversee the 11 monasteries in the region. He observes numerous problems or acts of corruption left over since the Henrician Civil War, and begins an arduous process to try to right them.

He presents many of his ideas about reforming the church and religion to the monasteries, leading to many secretly considering his position among the monasteries of the region. He begins writing a theory that God alone is able to grant forgiveness, not the Pope or any system within the church.

Jung begins to lecture on the Psalms, and on the books of Hebrews, Romans, and Galatians. As he studies these portions of the Bible, he comes to view the use of terms such as penance and righteousness by the Catholic Church in new ways. He becomes convinced that the church is corrupt in its ways and has lost sight of what he sees as several of the central truths of Christianity. Meanwhile, the prophetic writings in Germany seem to point toward the Thin White Duke, and the discovery of the golden plates emboldens him.

He continues formulating his politico-religious ideology, using der Vergolten Block, der Glucklich Block und der Tablette Or as a primary source influencing his beliefs. The Thin White Duke also accepts the marriage proposal from Saxony. The printing press industry in Thuringia continues to grow, spurred on by the Thin White Duke, with books from across the known world being translated and mass produced.

The White Knights grow exponentially in number at first, and now consist of a significant force. The holy order is tasked with building infrastructure across Thuringia primarily. The pontiff demands that those that participated in the sack be punished, he also announces that the money that would be used to pay the mercenaries that rebelled will be used to recover Florence from the sack. Marriage accepted.

Kingdom of Hungary: In our nation we produce more movable type press machines in our factories to produce and increase the development of books and flyers. Our navy starts to build more ships in our ports to police our waters from the ongoing shit show with the Italian states. Troopers of the army wore black armor with green highlights to blend in with the forests of our nation. For now we double the amount of troops that protect our borders due to all the fiasco going on with our neighbors.

Trade goes well with our neighbors as we increase our imports of technological gadgets from other parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Agriculture is a big export out of our nation due to the large rural areas of our nation.

Farm towns and villages are experiencing a surplus of crops this year in the fields. The economy is doing well increasing slowly with the flow of money going in and out of the nation due to trade. The start of construction of a university in the capital city begins this year.

With the increasing population in our nation especially in the capital city, what we do is start building new homes for our people. With all this construction and building going on new jobs have opened up to our population of people. Unemployment has decreased due to the new jobs being created. Banate of Bosnia: Within this territory everything is doing fine.

We feed off Hungary itself by prospering with trade and the economy. Our industries are doing what we can to help out Hungary. Banate of Severin: The territory experiences prosperity from Hungary. Trade is going well and the economy is as well. Other sectors of the nation do well also helping out Hungary. Rossiya: Dimitri and Sophia have their first child a girl who is named Katerina.

Dimitri thrives in the Court of Constantinople mingling amongst the dignitaries of other nations and the Greek Nobility, clergy, scholars, and artists. He takes a personal in the philosophical works that have seen a revival in the Hellenist wave that has taking root in the city. He also takes a great interest in the Varangian guard of which many a Rus' served in over the centuries. He takes to learning of military history and tactics.

Dimitri also becomes close friends with Herodotus II. The collection and redaction of old laws and customs continues with some being dismissed or argued upon between the Tver faction, the republican faction, and the more reactionary Boyars who do not back either side instead seeking to restore the divided nature of the Rus.

Mikhail begins dividing the spoils of the recent conquests amnogst his men to ensure their loyalty to his son, as he feels the strain of years on the saddle. He continues to fund the construction of hsi new fortress at Tver. Reform of the infantry and the overall army structure continues as well drawing on the lessons of the battles form Kazan a larger amount of firearms are required for infantry, along with the need to have a strong countermeasure to cavalry, training in both firearms and polearms is required while the number of Russian cavalry is also seen as in need of an increase with many of the freeholder communities being encouraged to breed more horses to allow fora greater number of them for both war and caravans.

Mikhail III promotes the usage of the river ways as a means of improving supply lines and internal trade. Commissioning a large number of large river boats capable of carrying large cargo and others capable of carrying men and cannons to exert greater control over the riverways that dot Rossiya.

Kingdom of Lotharingia: "Were Di": In Bonen and Artois Generaal-Admiraal begins to notice more and more resistance from lower nobility in the gewesten. The nobles even beginning to ensemble an armed force, the force being reported to be around 2, Thus Juliaen de Kremer as per his ability raises a further 2, soldiers, De Kremer having a total of 5, soldiers.

Juliaen placing them in cities such as Calais and Bonen, the soldiers ordered to keep the peace and disarm any individual seen as a danger. The troops being armed mostly with pikes and Punaisier, the Generaal-admiraal declaring martial law in Bonen and Artois. While in Rotterdam the first shipments of West India, these goods including fish, shark teeth and other vegetation.

The land having hundreds of kinds of vegetation herbs and spices, which does create interest and a desire for the RHC to explore more. Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland: Famine relief efforts finally end this year, after four years, with the temporarily lowered prices of Hansa foodstuffs helping us end the famine more quickly and conclusively, allowing us to funnel the extra funds to the C.

Meanwhile, with Ireland now under far more centralized authority as a result of the land seizure and punishment of hoarding nobles and merchants during the famine, we redistribute most of these lands to those Irish lords who continued to stay loyal to their king and people and helped in the famine relief effort or helped persecute and expose though who were hoarding during the famine.

Although this of course has not led to full scale land seizure of land from most of the major lords, it has led to major, large scale seizures from many disloyal or incompetent minor lords. With most of the powerful lords in Ireland now being loyalists, we push through a proposal to create a joint parliament between the two kingdoms, which would be located on the Isle of Mann, which, although technically part of Scotland, is ethnically distinct from both Ireland and Scotland and is roughly halfway between the two kingdoms.

Meanwhile, with the acquiring of the most major textile company in Scotland and Ireland by Gilmore Druimeanach, he begins to focus on expanding the textile industry into Ireland, as a massive expansion of his operations and the Scottish Textile industry overall. He continues to expand these industries, fueling the Scottish economy even further. In other news, with intermarriage having been encouraged for over two decades now between the Scottish and Irish nobility and the people overall, many of the products of these unions have now become adults and entered the social fabric more broadly, with several having become important throughout both Ireland and Scotland.

This serves to further encourage the image of Gaelic unity encouraged by both King Edward and his Father King Robert, as they are living, breathing embodiment of that ideal, being children of both cultures with the best aspects of both, embodying the desire for unity being encouraged. Saxony: With the turn of the century, large celebrations and extremely loud fireworks go off with a bang this year in the Duchy and Prince-Electorate of Saxony.

Edmund Alwin invites all the Prince-Electors and other Dukes and nobles of the Holy Roman Empire, including the newly-elected Holy Roman Emperor himself, to Saxony to join in the celebrations and witness a celebratory festival. While there, a firework goes off right next to Edmund Alwin, badly burning him, and singing his hair, as well as, it is discovered shortly afterward, almost completely deafening him for life.

Wenceslaus IV of Saxe-Wittenberg, meanwhile, newly married, has a child named Wenceslaus V of Saxe-Wittenberg suspiciously only six months into the marriage. Meanwhile, Edmund Alwin deems the writings of Meise dangerous for the Duchy of Saxony, and, having arrested the man, attempts to poison him. In an interesting parallel to the Count Palatines black licorice incident of a few years before, Edmund Alwin accidentally gives Meise a bowl of black licorice instead of arsenic, and the man survives.

He also claims to have delivered the rest of the plates he received from angels to his brother Michael. Despite the fact that the plates were being held in a vault, they disappear mysteriously the next day, and a man named Michael comes forward with one and one-half silver plates, while another man, also called Michael, comes forward with the other one and a half silver plates.

Each publish their own translation, but no-one can figure out how the texts join together. These are even more alarming than the first, proclaiming "Rome is a serpent's egg that must be crushed: The Pope smothered in his shell: Why, he doth bestride the narrow world Like a Colossus, and we petty men Walk under his huge legs and peep about To find ourselves dishonorable graves. Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

Duchy of Habsburg: Leopold von Habsburg dies this year at the age of Peter von Habsburg becomes the new Duke, and Leopold becomes heir apparent. The Duke proposes close relations with the nations Swabia, and tries to influence Baden region. Fortress built along Rhine River and West Sungau. Alliance offered to Wurttemberg. Kingdom of England: The establishment of the alliance between England and Sweden leads to greater maritime trade between the countries, which helps the English economy recover from the recent York-Beaufort conflict.

In Yorkshire, Richard of York makes use of this dissatisfaction as he tries to rebuild the Yorkshire military, trying to attract local nobles with the promise of a more assertive foreign policy against the Celtic Confederacy. King Henry VII, knowing that Yorkist rebels remain active in Yorkshire, considers sending a large contingent of Lancastrian soldiers north to root them out, but he judges that this would be an overly costly endeavour at this time and instead focuses on improving the stability of England by trying to accelerate the economic recovery from the conflicts.

The negative reaction from the Kingdom of Denmark toward the formation of the Anglo-Swedish alliance does not surprise the English Parliament, and they remain convinced that this alliance will be beneficial to England's economy and naval standing. Papal response. Later in the year, Archbishop of Canterbury John Morton also dies, and Henry Deane is translated from the see of Salisbury to succeed him. A result of the visit, Marcantonio meets King Henry VII and is eventually contracted to lead a company of mercenaries in England similarly to his work as a condottiero in Italy.

Vinland: The population hits 6, Trade flourishes. Herleif privately considers converting to Christianity. His son has disclosed he has been privately practicing for years. In other news, the metallurgic industry grows in certain cities. Esgigeland and Unamaland: The commonwealth expands deeper into Unamaland.

Greater Kingdom of Arles and Burgundy: The economy is improved and such. Centralisation is boosted. They call Arles for support. Kingdom of Wales : The construction of a line of fortifications is initiated at the Anglo-Cornish borders as dictated by Prince Michael Joseph "An Gof" of Cornwall, with the aim of strengthening the defenses of the recently liberated Principality of Cornwall from the ever lurking English threat.

Reconstruction continues as we continue to recover from the previous Wars of the Three Realms and the subsequent re-spark of the War of the Roses. Lucrative trade by the Companaidh Ceilteach Afraganach C. The newly established printing shops in Cardiff, Caernarfon and other major Welsh cities have proven to be commercial successes, continue circulating best sellers like the Welsh language version of the Bible, "Sinclar's Adventures" by none other than the great explorer Henry I Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, "King Arthur, the Progenitor of Wales " by reknowned Welsh author Lewys Glyn Cothi, "A history of the Gaelic peoples" by the Scottish author Micheal MacGille and other already popular books, now rendering them affordable even for the lower nobility, the merchant class and the commoners.

The construction of an additional two caravels continues. Our total fleet stands at 12 caravels. With the War of the Roses and the War of the Three Realms behind us, the unifying theme of the worship of Saint Owain Lawgoch perseveres, providing a sense of national unity to the Celtic Confederacy, bolstering our efforts to consolidate our realm, to strengthen it sufficiently to be able to withstanding the test of time against the adversity of bordering the vile Kingdom of England.

Hindustan: The early 16th century signalled the emergence of a pan-Indian style of architecture known as the Hindustani style of Architecture, after the state and the dynasty which was responsible for its creation.

Previously, North India was dominated by what came to be known as the Khilji style of Architecture, after the Khilji dynasty which was a purely unique and indigenous style of Indo-Islamic architecture. The Hindustani style was pan-India in the sense that examples of this style can be found across India and by the 17th century was the dominant style of architecture in the Indian subcontinent.

The Hindustani style was an amalgamation of the earlier Khilji style, the Persian style and various regional North Indian styles including North Indian temple architecture. With the rise of Persian influence and the Indo-Persian nobility at the court led the emergence of the Charbagh four gardens as an important element of the Hindustani style of architecture.

Meanwhile, the discovery of the Yucatan peninsula spreads as ground breaking news across Europe, not only indicating a previously unknown landmass, but also one with complete farming and houses, in contrast to the "savages" encountered so far. After the mercenaries in Florence go rogue and depose the Papal-backed Medici ruler, in favor of a Spanish puppet, the Medicis form an alliance with Siena, Modena, Venice, and others, to combat Spanish dominance of the Italian peninsula, and expect the Pope to likewise support them.

Known as the League of Como, this alliance invades Florence to depose the Spanish claimant. The population of Florence, especially after the brutal sack of the city itself, opposes the new ruler. Aid is also requested from known opponents of the Spanish, such as France and the Holy Roman Empire, who is the current titular King of Italy.

Later historians may look at this moment as the first "Italian War". In India, the unification of the subcontinent under the Hindustani dynasty begins to sew cracks of envy and a growing hatred within the seemingly eternal empire.

Disastisfied with the dynasty itself and having differing religious beliefs, the Wali of Bengal declares the independent Sultanate of Bengal, with himself as its head Sultan. To prove legitimacy in the eyes of India, he sends a force of 50, to assault Patna. Meanwhile, civil unrest begins to unfold in the Deccan Plateau, with native separatists in Karela amounting 25, people.

He gathers a total of 3, levies from the Burgundian free nobles to attack the Lotharingian encampments. In Spain, the latest Andalucian revolt assumes control over population centers comprising almost 80, people just north of Gibraltar. This causes significant unrest to also begin to sprout up in the Rif part of Morocco.

The English Royal Advisor expresses grave disapproval of the Treaty of Llanfair, and do not wish to recognize its cession inasmuch as they don't recognize much anything about the Celtic Confederacy. He recommends opening an alliance with France, equally threatened by the Welsh-Scottish interference in Brittany, now finding common ground against a common enemy. King William himself, having cleaned up his own civil war, is open for a temporary rapprochement.

In Naples, a plague breaks out consisting of a very strange and unknown disease, dubbed "syphilis". As this disease only appears on people having unmitigated sex, it is taken to be a divine punishment on people succumbing to lust. The Xaroyaca Empire collapses suddenly, shaking the balance of power in Mesoamerica.

While the Huastec Ehecatl Hualcauhmi expands his realm into the fractured Empire, rumors circulate throughout the region of "sea men" speaking strange tongues arriving in the Yucatan. In France, Edmund Fontaine of Paris uses iron parts and coiled springs to build a portable timepiece.

This is to defend it against Italian Attacks. The Painting of Lucas I is painted. Altisi "Sharparm" dies this year, and he is mourned as a great general and warrior. The centralisation of the Kingdom Continues. The economy is improved and six more ships are built. The Emperor discusses with the court about the situation. What do you think about this? First, they have disrupted our domain of the sea. Secondly, they insulted our ally of Majapahit by supporting the independence of Kalimantan.

Your Majesty, please consider taking actions against them! But, insulting them at the moment can lead to another conflict. I want to avoid that, considering their influence and manpower. They have very good ties with our rival, Siam as well, so I fear that would be a two-front war. So, instead, I will do the following: I will send envoys to ask them about the situation, possibly to improve relations with them.

I will send envoys to them as well, possibly to improve relations with them. That will slowly give us a standing in the archipelago. But, what about our ally, Majapahit? The war is lost. The Emperor sends envoys to Japan carrying gifts of silk and swiftlets' nest to Japan, asking to improve relations with Japan.

They also demand Japan's fleet to move away from Dai Viet's domain of the sea, convincing that they mean no offense but just trying to protect the country's domain. Japan Response Needed. Thinking it was Madyas, the envoys landed in there only to find out the islands isn't occupied by any nation. Japanese Dip: The Empire will back off the direct coastal regions of Dai Viet, but the Viet's shall remain tied to the mainland.

Further attempts to expand into the islands to their east or south will be met with direct and open Hostility. They are recognized as de-facto part of the Japanese trade umbrella and infringement upon that will result in open conflict as well. Henry is being prepared to take over if his father should suddenly die.

Archbishopric of Mainz: Archbishop Bertrand of Villingen, now Archchancellor, arranges a meeting with the King of Lothringia, in which he requests that the king of Lothringia consider the distinguished officers who have helped him create the Lothringian navy, and recommend an officer of great ability to build up the Imperial navy in the same way.

Lothringian Response. Along the way, he attends the celebration in Saxony, and notes with pleasure that the Duke of Saxony is still a strong defender of the true faith, though he is growing very curious about Thuringia, and resolves to visit there next year.

He takes this opportunity to get to know his fellow electors, in preparation for taking up the reins of the imperial administrative system. He continues to preach that the church should hold itself to a high standard of conduct, while at the same time emphasizing the benefits that come from a church with strong, centralized leadership in the form of the Pope and the great good this accomplishes, such as the holy armies that can depose unjust leaders, the massive charity organizations, and the free education which is now available all over the empire.

He continues donating extensively from his own personal wealth to the church, living in a more austere manner, as the Pope has modeled. He continues to preach that, as all wisdom is God breathed, so, too, the Church should be the leader in science and education. He patronized the University of Darmstadt, continuing to try to improve it, still seeking more learned priests to teach the philosophy and science classes.

He joins the Pope in condemning strongly the Crusaders who acted in a barbarous and unchristian manner in Florence, and not only makes a donation himself to help repair the damages, but orders the Imperial Treasurer to give a donation as well.

He publicly endorses the actions of the League of Como. The Senate nor king being interested in the title or even allowing the Imperial navy in Lotharingian cities. Roman Empire: Facing minor victories in Krete and Eubea, the Roman land forces in Krete are transferred to Eubea to end the fighting there. The naval blockade is continued to keep the island isolated and the Venetian forces there contained.

The 12, men kept in reserve are loaded onto ships and joined by the remaining ships of the imperial fleet, some vessels, called for emergency duty. The army comprises 10, heavy infantry, 2, heavy cavalry. The operation will begin with intense naval bombardment of the city followed by an invasion of the un-fortified city.

Should the defenders appear to outnumber the Roman Forces the landing will be called-off but bombardment will continue. Great volumes of Greek Fire are brought to fill the Venetian canals with flame to cook the city's inhabitants alive. The liquid is deployed by several large fire-barges built specifically for this task and armored with wetted leather and iron plates.

These barges dump hundreds of barrels of the flammable substance throughout the city before lighting the entire-city aflame. The Doge's Palace is also targeted with the aim of leveling in totality the coastal building. They advance on the Venetian positions on the island, setting up a siege against the Venetian fortifications. Rossiya: Dimitri sends a letter to his father requesting 5, men to assist the Greeks in their conquest of Venetian held lands. Mikhail III aquices to this sending 5, men to be commanded by his son.

The young Russian who was in charge of these exchanges is a young Russian from Kiev named Nikolai Turgenev the son of a Russian merchant who started trading in Moldovia and in Crimean back in the s making himself a small fortune on tapping into the Black Sea Trade. Nikolai proves to be a steadfast friend of Dimitri and shows his knack for discretion in dealing with the biddings of the young Prince and proves resourceful in doing these jobs quickly making him the righthand man of the Prince as his clerk.

The Rus' fighting under Dimitri partake in the battle of Eubea fight in formation with the Greeks adopting their formations of piketeers using Greek Menulions pikes and muskeeters. Back in Rossiya. Tensions continue to grow as efforts to push for a more centralized administration are resisted by many of Boyars and the republican faction in the cities. Mikhail continues to do all he can to bolster his son's position making sure that the lower noblity and freeholders who provide the core of his personal vassals remain loyal to him.

Despite the administrative issues and economic growth continues in Novgorod, Tver and KIev. Hindustan: Shamsher Singh died earlier that year and was succeeded by his eldest nephew eldest son of his brother Hussain , his nominee, Zulfiqar Mirza and adopted the regnal title of Devanampriya Samraat Zulfiqar Mirza Hindustani Beloved of the Gods Emperor Zulfiqar Mirza Hindustani. He was able to get the elderly General Narendra ud-Daula on his side and expected to win his sovereignty.

While Kapilendra Gajapati had expected that his revolt would lead to a breakdown in Delhi, it did not happen. Zulfiqar Mirza immediately dispatched 80, troops of the Imperial Army and 50 light cannons under General Sikander Bakht to defend Patna. Zulfiqar Mirza was also the first ruler to adopt the title of Emperor and began calling his realm as the Hindustani Samrajya Hindustani Empire.

County Palatine of the Rhine: After a few years in office, Philip had left his mark on the empire and the culinary world forever. He completed his recipe book, which functioned as a sort of memoir, and left the truth of his secret ingredient to his eldest son Louis. On one fateful day in March, the Emperor decided to make his most daring experiment yet: a layer cake that was a life-sized sculpture of Charlemagne.

This proved a daunting task, that kept the Emperor up day and night. The later investigation would posit that it was during this state of impaired judgment from lack of sleep, and perhaps also from consumption of cooking wine, that the Emperor accidentally left the ovens on for too long. Although Imperial Guard Jan Jakob attempted to rescue him from the flames, the smoke proved too much for the older Emperor, and he passed away by morning. Hesse: When the news of the Emperor passing reaches Agnes of Hesse, she believes the office may be cursed and urges her husband Jezrahiah not to run.

Instead she learns that Frederick von Hohenzollern is running, and she endorses him. After discovering the news that he tried to frame her for murder, Agnes hopes that will get him away from Hesse. As Frederick is quite ambitious and conceited he takes up the campaign vigorously.

She makes a grim realization, that the Emperor was killed in the presence of a Hessian knight, making her wonder if it was truly an accident that he died and the Hessian claimants are now running. It becomes clear to the Generaal-Admiraal that even as peace is desired, that faith has chosen otherwise for him. Thus Juliaen sends a messenger to the King Jan V about the current situation and on the fact that the Gewesten are in danger and that he desires more troops to prevent foreign intervention from helping the rebelion.

The king responds with first ensuring the full might of the General-admiral in Artois and Bonen and by sending an aditional 1, soldiers, while Juliaen recruits another pikemen. This totals the Lotharingische armee in Krijggebiet West to 7, soldiers mostly centered around the City of Bonen which he declares a fotres which must fight until death. They return with even greater wealth then before with more fish gold, rare stones and metals and foods, this wealth being yet untapped by any mayor power.

Thus the Rotterdamse handels compagnie prepares to make voyages happen every two years and explore the land around Fasul peninsula. As it is believed that the lands around the peninsula have even greater wealth, as the peninsula is believed to have an unlimited amount of food and vegetation. The peninula being remarked with fertility of the lands and people, as the Lucayan speak about a lake that can make people youthful once more.

While in Frisia the "Wagenaar famyljebedriuw" sets their first journey to lands way this being the Orkney Islands where some fish and whale fat and many other goods. This confirming the companies status as a starting company daring to take risks, which foreign merchants shouldn't mess with. King Leonard even looking into investing into the company itself, as it shows great potentional which could help the royal navy greatly.

Kingdom of Portugal: With the discovery of Brazil, the king claims all of Brazil for Portugal as Cabral is appointed governor of Portuguese Brazil after establishing a trade post in Porto Seguro. Dias returns to his post as Governor of Angola which continues to grow steadily. The alliance with the Celts is signed which is done in an effort to grow Portugal's power. In the other colonies the profits keep increasing due to increasing trade with the natives. This year's colonial suplus is being used to build bridges and roads in Sao Tome and Principe, to make the environment more friendly to live in.

Kingdom of Mutapa: Mata begins to write a book himself about the intermingling of Mitshawri and Faraism. The docks at Tunga are expended as 16 ships now patrol coastal waters. I was navy building prior to you can check. The settlement in Saldahna bay is slowing teaching the Khoe the ways of Mutapa with the usual pastoralist moving thier camps closer to the settlement.

Adai leaves to map the Northern Domains of the kingdom. Settlers at Lake Malawai complain of native attacks. Mata dispatches cavalrymen to track down the leaders of tribes in the area in try to integrate them. Kiku the one-eyed returns to Ithiyopiya to ask officals if they would like to visit our lands.

Ethiopian Player response. Another ship is sent the island of Mozambique to ask who these new settlers are. Blast furnaces slowly pop up around the capital but are limited to close to the royal house and mostly in the Ahruja quarter. Tamil becomes more and more a part of the language as concept not in shona are just kept in Tamil.

You lack sufficient metallurgy knowledge to have blast furnaces. Saxony: Edmund Alwin is saddened to hear of the passing away death of the Emperor, who he voted for, and sends a message to Frederick von Hohenzollern, saying he will vote for him in exchange for the Counties of Lindau and Wernigerode Hesse Response? However, he also pledges to vote for whoever can promise him the most territories. He hopes this is an acceptable request. The "wuntein" from French Fontaine becomes the most common and popular kind of timepiece in Saxony.

Edmund Alwin also proposes that the County Palatine be raised to an electorate - having produced one Emperor, it ought to be given the electoral dignity, he feels. Shadrach de la Marck has one illegitimate son, named Otto Shadrach. A painter named Gottfried Palast Lustrum, in Saxony, is found to be able to paint and create remarkably lifelike portraits. He does not attend the election, but partially through the insistence of his brother Charles, the Bohemian delegation votes for Frederick von Hohenzollern.

It is noted that there is increased activity of the Taborites in Bohemia, leading to an uneasy situation among the religious. Works from neighboring Thuringia and Saxony began to circulate within the nation thanks in part to the printing press, leading to increased proliferation of non-orthodox ideology. In Brandenburg especially, where Duke Charles is a noted opponent of the Pope, the estates there are increasingly more lenient and slow to act against heretical communities. The King, however, has no noted objection to the Pope, and he tries to promote religious uniformity.

Improvements to the military are undertaken, with the professional army setting a goal of equipping one in every four soldiers with a firearm, as opposed to the previous norm of one in five, and the European average of one in ten. This proves an expensive undertaking, and is a goal that is only gradually met. In order to fund this going forward, changes to taxation and bureaucracy began in the days of Henry III continue to be expanded.

Nationwide a system of taxing households based on wealth, as assessed by regular censuses is implemented, which is collected twice a year in times of war. In order to make tax collection easier, a coin system reform is introduced, in which a coin with finer silver content, weighing one-half gram, is implemented, and a more stable ratio of coins of silver to one coin of gold is implemented.

Bohemia also houses one of the most renowned cannon makers in Europe, as the decrees of the Henry III have led to Prague being home to the main cannon producers of the Empire, which in turn has made them one of the most sought after continentally. The nation has a large number of light cannons, which are chiefly used in pitched battles as opposed to only sieges, and are more mobile than cannons of old.

That method of taxation is more of a modern development than one suited for this time period. Empire of Japan: Empress Suiko having put in much time into governing the country recognizes the clear fact that her own husband, having been handpicked for her at the age of 16 has effectively not been involved in any politics even as a member of the Fujiwara clan which hold the title of a High noble house of Japan. Her husband Yoshiro having refused to let their son participate in government or martial education has flown in the face of many of the long held traditions of the Imperial family.

However, as their son reaches the age he should involve himself in a political position, Yoshiro refuses to let the year-old leave the imperial-held castle in Nagoya. As crown prince Kenshiro is held against his will essentially, much to Suikos Chagrin a surprising amount of support comes from the the daimyo of the country as they all see this as a mishandling of the crown prince and spitting in the face of the Empress. This surprising outpouring of Support emboldens Suiko who in a shocking move neglects to use the Imperial army and orders that her son be retrieved from Nagoya Castle immediately, using specifically forces from the daimyo giving them an implicit trust that her son will come to no harm.

Of the hundreds of Daimyo, 93 offer up their personal forces and march on Nagoya now bereft of Imperial forces who had been ordered to stand down and remain in their barracks. Yoshiro left with only of his personal guards relents releasing the boy and commits Seppuku bringing the bizzare episode to a close.

As Kenshiro arrives in the capital to great fanfare he is submitted to rigourous testing to figure out his lacking skills and is promptly pushed at the Zaibatsu to train him in the ways of managing trade and heavy arithmatic and writing to get him up to speed and prepare the young man to become emperor of Japan one day.

Known simply as the Sarawak concession the Japanese administration of the area has been relatively problem free for the first year and the assessment of the region has come it. Kuchin being a relatively decent sized port is slated to become the Japanese supply and transit hub of the entire region for Japanese based trade and military action. With 5, troops left on Batam and the remaining 10, in the Sarawak Concession the Imperial diet authorizes the troops to remain and replaces the active Kensei order troops with 5, imperial troops.

The separation of Kalimantan has also had far reaching consequences, most of them good as the state has breathed its first breath of freedom in decades. While a sultanate in its own right, the warm relations between Japan and Kalimantan promptly get warmer as the trade between the two starts to speed up and a lack of persecution of Muslims continues to remain a source of improving relations.

As the situation calms down still the large fleet sent to handle the situation is disbanded and the Southern Combined fleet returns to their respective regions with the ship South China Sea fleet now basing most of its operations out of Kuchin rather than Batam. However, a significant presence of the fleet is still given at Batam due to its strategic positioning.

As of the census this year including the new Sarawak concession the Empire of Japan is noted to have nearly A trend, however, is noticed that even with major trade going full steam ahead, the local economies seem to be doing absolutely fantastic. With prosperity and a major surplus, as well as multiple years of record harvests, the population has started to grow at a heavy rate on the home islands as well as a few places in Manzhuguo.

This begins to fuel into a newer trend of more largescale urbanization occuring in Japan. With a stable home currency, the cataloguing of secret fields and the growing use of cultivated land, and the large scale improvements in varying local economies, Japan has begun a period of unprecedented population growth.

This year a more permanent expedition of settlers is sent to Kenenaitzu to maintain hold over the area. Multiple landings also result in further claiming of land on the island chain running up to the Kenenaitzu settlement. Development in the Azuma islands, now properly named as the Koba islands after Kenta Koba who settled the region originally in the north continues as multiple smaller villages have begun to pop up across japanese held territory in the region.

Duchy of Habsburg: Peter fathers twins: Ernest and Maximilian in year , they are now ten years of age. Peter discovers he has an aunt, long lost sister of Leopold, they are invited into family and given place to live. In fact, all Habsburgs, the Duke gives a place for them to reside in Swabia. Niccolo von Habsburg, having been a priest, petitions holy father to be a cardinal. Declared Lord of Kehl, across from Strasbourg. Alliance offered to Wurttemburg still. Kingdom of Hungary: In our capital we continue to build the biggest university of all of Europe.

We develop and expand our mines all throughout the nation. Our military recruits new people to join daily by setting up flyers around the nation. The royal black army academy in our nation begins remodeling by adding more to the existing building making it bigger.

With trade going so well we import military weaponry and tactical books at an increased rate so we can equip our troops with the most brilliant educational material. As for the weaponry, we only buy the most advanced weapons on the market from whoever is selling. Other stuff we import is more technology from other nations. In our factories we continue to produce more printing presses so we can increase the number of books and flyers within the nation. Agriculture is going well with that being our biggest export from our nation.

With fighting going on in Venice, we guard our border more tightly on our side and shoot down any person from their side of the boader that tries to cross into our nation. The ports increase by the develop of more ports. On the ports more ships are made for the navy. Kingdom of Ayutthaya: The war with Majapahit has finally been concluded with its unconditional surrender in the wake of the loss of all its forces invading Bali.

The entirety of Majapahit's holdings on Sumatra and Bangka are to become vassal to Ayutthaya with the Molucca Islands and South Sulawesi released as allied sovereign states to Ayutthaya with the Ayutthayan Commerce Guild monopolizing on the spices they produce in exchange for fair compensation. With the island of Bangka under Ayutthayan control a force of troops is sent to expel the Dai Viet garrison from the island and ensure that the island is firmly in the hands of Ayutthaya's vassals.

With the war finally over, Prince Borromarachathirat III has begun to move aggressively to expand and consolidate the hinterlands between Phitnanulok and Ayutthaya due to Ayutthaya's forces still returning from Bali in preparation for the inevitable conflict to come. The Capital Defense Corps of Ayutthaya has been deployed in far larger patrols than in the years prior to combat the Phitsnanulok troops moving into the regions with Sunan Kudus reaching out to the cities and towns of the Malay peninsula, who are extremely loyal to him following his time as governor, to contribute their forces to Ayutthaya's efforts to secure as much possible before tensions boil over.

The Conservative faction of Ayutthaya's court have begun to withdraw to their holdings and regions as they have chosen to side with Borromarachathirat III in the coming conflict and started the mobilization of their forces. In the meantime, Ramathibodi II has undertaken efforts to begin moving Ayutthayan documents, records, artifacts, and other treasures to safe locations where they are to remain until the war is over as a precaution should Ayutthaya ever come under threat.

The Ayutthayan navy remains wholeheartedly loyal to the Royalist faction and continues to oversee the flow of commerce and trade due to their inability to affect the war on land. The Japanese quarter of Ayutthaya have offered a group of troops made up entirely of volunteers to Ramathibodi II granting him the use of the the Japanese samurai who had made their home in Ayutthaya.

The Commerce Guild has declared its intent to remain neutral on the matter but has made concealed efforts to supply and reinforce the Royalist in a way that ensures they profit. Dai viet response: Dai viet demands Ayutthayan troops to withdraw from bangka as the island is under Dai Viet occupation.

Ayutthaya Dip: Dai Viet's demands are refused on the grounds that Bangka was Majapahit territory under the security of Dai Viet's forces meaning that Dai Viet possesses no legal claim to the island unlike Belitung where Dai Viet does have a legal claim considering its purchase of the island.

Kingdom of England: King Henry VII of England is hesitant about the royal advisor who encourages an alliance with France; given that a lot of the English nobility still resents the French for the loss of the English continental territories a few decades ago and the current French King has a dubious reputation on the continent, he thinks this would not be a good idea.

Spain response. Lotharingia response. The Anglo-Swedish alliance continues to benefit the English economy and help it recover from the recent war, with the English selling coal and salt in exchange for metal ores and lumber from Sweden. The deposed Edward VII, who by now has reached adulthood and gained a voice of his own, generally agrees with this strategy of gathering support but is more moderate in temperament.

Though, their influence remains constrained to the very north of England, with the only major noble currently supporting them being Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland, while the nobles of Westmorland including Edith, mother and effective regent of the young Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmorland are more Lancastrian and stymie Richard of York's diplomatic efforts. Under the leadership of James Tuchet, 1st Earl of Essex, boatbuilding continues in the ports of Essex, which benefits the maritime trade between England and Sweden.

Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset dies of a disease and his son of the same name b. Later in the year, Henrietta Beaufort and her second husband William Courtenay have their first child her fourth , a son named Philip b. Empire of Ethiopia: The Imperial Trade Guild begins hearing from a number of merchants in India of the magnificent wealth of the spice kingdoms in the East. The Ethiopian merchants express their greetings to the Kingdom, and express their desire to begin initiating trade between the Ayutthaya Kingdom and the Ethiopian Empire.

With more cannons arriving in Ethiopia, the Emperor orders that the Imperial cities begin being fitted with cannons to provide better defenses. The arrival of Hindustani iron workers also leads to the establishment of an Imperial Foundry in Ethiopia. The Indian iron workers soon begin to teach cast iron forging to Ethiopian metalworkers.

Ayutthaya Dip: The land of Ethiopia is recalled from an expedition launched decades ago where the expedition provided aid in exchange for the acquisition of arquebus' from a distant land and trade was stabilized. Although Ethiopia is remembered of fondly, their integration into direct trade with Ayutthaya is done with reluctance and limitations considering that their religion is one that brought ruin to China decades ago and still has the ire of the Tian Dynasty.

Kingdom of Wales : King Edmund of Wales dies from old age at the age of 67, having lived a full and truly magnificent life, novel material. His son, Crown Prince Lionel, ascents to the throne of Wales. The construction of a line of fortifications continues at the Anglo-Cornish borders, as dictated by Prince Michael Joseph "An Gof" of Cornwall, with the aim of strengthening the defenses of the recently liberated Principality of Cornwall from the ever lurking English threat. Reconstruction continues as we continue to recover from the previous Wars of the Three Realms and the subsequent respark of the War of the Roses.

The construction of an additional two caravels finishes. Our total fleet stands at 14 caravels. The construction of an additional two caravels is initiated. Herleif is injured this year during a hunting expedition and dies. He is succeeded by his son Eric Kuis, who immediately proclaims that the Christian shrine near Elufsker be rebuilt in stone. This causes puzzlement among the Odinist tribal elite. In other news, trade flourishes and the metallurgic industry develops.

Esgigeland and Unamaland: The commonwealth pushes deeper into Unamaland. We want to know about something fun or cool in your nation. We're going to give you a prompt and let you run with it. Voting will open during the final week of May. For this month, the topic is religion: This includes but is not limited to religious thinkers, sects, heresies, philosophers, persecutions, and saints.

You may write about anything pertaining to the topic that took place between and the in-game current date. The League of Como successfully takes the city of Florence after a brief battle, capturing the previous king and reinstalling Lorenzo de Medici.

Their success prompts a similar revolt in Genoa among the populace, with Modena spearheading an invasion there to liberate Genoa.

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Investing in stocks for income M'MilWu story wai that he had made an arrangemtnt with a Mr Glceson to take charge of the horso. Defensive breakdowns for the Sharks led to some Jets breakaways, including Blake Wheeler getting a good chance on Reimer. He tells Mata to pay for people who can at least help us get started with blast furnaces. The force will cross over to the island from mainland Greece with the support of the ships which will escort the army south to Karystos, the main Venetian capital in the south of the island before establishing a blockade. The later jayob e sports betting would posit that it was during this state of impaired judgment from lack of sleep, and perhaps also from consumption of cooking wine, that the Emperor accidentally left the ovens on for too long. The Ayutthayan efforts to block off Majapahit merchants and ships from the Straits of Malacca continues to be an ongoing effort on their part as more ships are continually confiscated and repurposed as vessels of war and Majapahit ships are engaged in battles. Buying time for Ramathibodi II to train and rest his troops in preparation for the grueling campaign ahead.
Cryptocurrency pos merchant suite Esgigeland and Unamaland: The commonwealth pushes deeper into Unamaland. The nobles even beginning to ensemble an armed force, the force being reported to be around 2, Aid is also requested from known opponents of the Spanish, such as France and the Holy Roman Empire, who is the current titular King of Italy. Ethiopian Player Response. Khoja Hassan manages to wrest a victory from the claws of the enemy through the clever positioning of the siege cannons and arquebusiers he had been allotted for his escort.

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You will have to register a new account with the gambling site that can usually be done in just a couple of minutes by filling in a few personal details. You should be able to toggle between decimal and fractional odds so as to see how much your bet could return to you. Esports betting market What kinds of esports betting markets are there? Just as there are many different kinds of esports to bet on, there are also many different ways to take bets.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with taking a simple match-winner bet, it can be much more exciting to mix up your betting strategies every now and then. Here are some of the main types of esports bets to try in conjunction with some decent betting tips. If this sounds too simple, then you can try some handicap betting which can be used to put a clear favourite at a disadvantage in order to take advantage of the better odds for a bigger profit.

Outright esports bets Outright bets allow you to make a wager on which team or player will win a particular esports tournament. Most decent betting sites allow you to do this well in advance of the esports competition. So if you have a good feeling about who will win a tournament like the DreamHack Masters, be sure to get your bets in early.

System esports bets System bets require you to make more than one esports bet. Whilst it can take some luck to win this kind of bet, the payouts that you could get from online betting sites should make it all worthwhile. Esports-specific bets There are plenty of great bets that are specific to individual esports. So if you were betting on League of Legends, then you might get the opportunity of making a bet on which team would win the first map, and if you were wagering on CSGO, then you could try and predict which team would be the first to get ten kills.

Many betting sites also allow you to make unusual bets like which team will destroy the first tower, dragon, inhibitor and so on. And with the option of taking bets on the correct score and even the time taken to complete a round, it shows that there are plenty of ways to make an esports bet. You should expect a good and trustworthy bookmaker to verify your age, identity, location, and payment methods after you open your account.

We will have all heard stories about gambling sites that operate without being licensed and regulated. This is illegal and it gives you no protection. So always check to make sure that your chosen betting site is licensed and regulated before deciding where to bet on esports. Never trust any site without a license, such as some of the skin betting sites, because a good licensing and regulatory authority ensures fairness in any bet on esport.

These are far more difficult to acquire and will hold bookmakers for your esports betting to higher account than the way easier to get hold of licenses from the Curacao Gaming Control or Antigua and Barbuda Gaming Division. Plus if you try betting on esports at GG.

And rather than getting involved in the dangers associated with skin gambling, be sure to check that the betting site only takes real money deposits from reputable credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. But the real innovation of the esports betting sites is in embracing the world of cryptocurrency far quicker than traditional sports and casino sites.

Esports bookmakers recognized the value of esports betting with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies early on and have either integrated crypto payment methods alongside more traditional payment methods — such as betting sites including Luckbox, Unikrn, Arcanebet — or have set themselves up as dedicated crypto betting sites — such as Stake. Making use of an esports betting bonus Want to land a larger bet?

We mentioned the fact that you can sometimes use a bonus when signing up to a betting site. This is a great way to get a significant boost on your profits. There are many esports betting promotions out there that range from matched deposit deals, to matched bet offers. But before you sign up for a betting bonus, be sure to read the small print first. Most betting offers will require you to make a qualifying deposit or a series of qualifying bets before you receive any bonus funds.

Best Esports Bonus Offers: Find all the top promotions on our esports betting bonus page. Customer Service Options What customer service options are there for getting help with an esports bet? If you are new to esports betting, then there is a good chance that you might require some assistance in setting up your account and making your first bet. This is why it can be good to check that your betting site has adequate customer service support.

Good customer service is especially important if you plan to do exotic markets esports betting and your bets take a while to settle. Having customer support that will respond and assist you in a timely manner is essential. Use our esports betting advice: Research esports teams on Reddit — Pick up free esports betting tips There is a huge amount of esports teams and players out there and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest developments.

This is why it can sometimes be a good idea to use a resource like Reddit to find out the latest rumors and gossip about an upcoming esports tournament. By watching the events unfolding on-screen via a streaming site like Twitch, you can alter your betting strategies in accordance with the changing odds of the in-play betting markets and feel the excitement of landing a winning bet at the last minute. Bet you can even enjoy a built-in live Twitch stream to supercharge your live bets.

Wait until the best tournaments come around — Simple esports betting advice Big esports events like DreamHack and The International always attract the greatest amount of attention from the bookies. Also, check if there are multiple updates required. From our experience, the Unibet esports app has the best usability since it is not bulky and it works seamlessly across multiple devices. Accessibility Accessibility is one of the reasons why many esports bettors prefer using betting apps rather than on-website.

Ideally, the best esports app provides access to all the crucial betting features in one app. For example, with the Betway esports app, you have access to a wide range of esports betting markets tailored for Dota 2 betting, LoL betting, Valorant betting , and more. In addition to the many betting markets, the app also provides insightful statistics and analysis of upcoming and ongoing matches that come in handy when betting. Compatibility Various esports apps are designed for specific mobile devices, and it is important to ensure that the app you are looking to download is compatible with your mobile devices.

Notably, the best esports betting apps are compatible with multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and more. The esports mobile apps recommended in this guide are fully optimized to remain functional across multiple devices regardless of the screen size. However, check the supported mobile operating system models to ensure you get ultimate functionality.

Bonus Offers Welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions go a long way to enhancing your gambling experience. With the additional funds, you get to place more bets or increase the size of your wager, which increases your chances of winning big. With top esports betting apps such as 1xBet and 22Bet, you have access to all the esports bonuses on the actual website.

These offers include welcome bonuses, free bets , deposit offers, cashback, and VIP bonuses. Esports Games Available A recommendable esports betting app should offer a wide range of esports games and also diverse betting markets. Settle for a mobile betting app with numerous markets and reasonable odds depending on your favorite game. Check the Pinnacle Esports hub, which features top esports games with excellent odds and a bespoke layout. Customer Service This is another crucial factor that determines the reliability of an esports betting app.

The best esports betting app has a solid customer support system to ensure that your issues are handled promptly. The live chat option is the most common, but you can also check if they have an email or contact telephone number. LeoVegas and sport offer competitive odds for Dota 2 betting and Starcraft 2 betting. During a major esports tournament, be sure to compare the odds on the esports apps recommended in this guide.

Mobile Optimized Esports Betting Sites Mobile esports apps support convenient betting since you can fund your account and place bets while on the go. However, some esports apps take up too much storage, which can be a hindrance when your mobile device does not have enough space.

In this case, mobile-optimized websites come in handy. This means that you can still have access to the benefits of betting on your mobile phone without the need to download the app. In this case, you only need to use your mobile web browser, such as Chrome or Safari, to access the website. Best Esports Betting Apps for Android Most esports apps are available for Android devices and are compatible with a variation of Android operating systems.

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If your preferred esports site does not have a downloadable app, you always use a web browser to place your bets. Due to stringent regulations, you might not find these apps on Google Play Store. Top esports betting Apps for iOS include 22bet and Betway. In case your favorite esports bookies do not have a downloadable iOS mobile app, you can still place your bets via mobile web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.

The mobile website runs with no glitches, and you will have all the features, including live betting on your iPhone or iPad. Ideally, web apps allow you to create a shortcut on the desktop of your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to access the mobile versions or esports site quickly. To create an esports betting web app, you just need to visit your preferred esports app and make a shortcut for it.

With the shortcut, you can quickly log in to your mobile website without the need to search for the homepage on your browser.

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