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The world would be a better place if essay examples

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the world would be a better place if essay examples

"The world would be a better place if more political leaders were women". What is your view? Good Essays. Words; 3 Pages; Aug 10th, Published. When Friedrich Nietzsche famously proclaimed that 'God is dead' in the 19th century, he was expressing a growing sentiment that the. Essay topics: World would be a better place if women own the leadership. Do you agree or disagree. BITCOIN REGULAR PRICE

Racism is when people are being discriminated or judged due to the colour of their skin. Racism can come in many shapes and sizes, like the words people say or the actions they do. Racism can end if there are certain laws put to stop these actions. For example, if someone says something of offense to a particular race, they should be charged, they should be tried at court and they should potentially be placed in jail.

This would stop people from using profanity and offensive language because they would be cautious of what they do. Changing the laws can also stop people from committing vile actions against people of colour. One specific example of this can be police brutality.

If there are stricter punishments against officers who are bashing, hurting and killing innocent people, then we are one step closer to destroying racism. Aside from racism, poverty must also be stopped so that we can live in a better place. We, as the human race, can be heroes to these people. We should donate to multiple charities that help out people in need so that those people would be able to get more money to buy things like food and clothes.

We could also donate food items to a food drive, so that people who are not that wealthy can get food items for cheaper prices. Another thing we can do is to help out people who are living their lives out in the streets. Middle class people can give smaller donations to these homeless people such as a couple of dollars or even some food or drinks. By doing actions like these, poverty would be killed and we would be another step closer to a better world.

Finally, to achieve a better world, we must change the way some countries operate, specifically communist countries. The way these leaders treat their citizens and their neighbouring countries can sometimes be very dangerous as it leads to people living in fear of their own home, and dreading the fact that wars may start soon. The leaders of these countries must realize that they are not running their country properly, which overall negatively impacts the rest of the world.

Even in the past, communist countries never showed any positive effects on the world. Look at Nazi Germany, for example. They were a communist country believing that people who are Jewish are not suitable to live, so they started killing all of them, starting the Holocaust.

This, in turn, caused World War 2, which was a period of time where people were dying everyday, they were struggling to get food, and they were having trouble supporting family. Do events like this really need to happen again? If communist countries continue to do what they do, then we will never get to live in a peaceful world. In conclusion, the world would be a better place if racism, poverty and communist countries are stopped. Our world has already gone through a lot of trauma from these three things, and by stopping them, we can live peacefully, as our ancestors once did.

When will these things be stopped? How long must we wait in order to be happy? Well, this issue can only be solved if we all come together as one. God has given humans many blessings in health, body and mind and has given these blessings for humans to take advantage of in order to make the world a better place. The phenomena surrounding us enriches our mind with information and influence our thinking about what is going on around us. The world is considered to be a beautiful place put together by humans its population is about 7.

The major problems that are facing our world today are racial discrimination, human trafficking and global warming. Stop complaining and see positivity in everything You might be worried about your career, family, house, or something else. You might have no food to eat and no money to spend on your family. In such circumstances, you would certainly complain about the things around and can lose the hope.

It is better to stop complaining and see positivity in everything. Even when your situation is not right, you must focus on the positive aspects and eliminate negativity from your life as much as possible. Help others whenever they need You should help not only your family members and friends in their uncertain situations but also your neighbors and people you do not even know anything about. This is the only way to feel relaxed and get satisfaction from the inside.

You should remember that everything is created with a purpose and that helping humans and animals can make you happy. Even when you are unable to help anyone, you should at least be there for them to face the challenges. Care for the environment The air we breathe in and the water we drink do need our care and attention.

What I mean to say is that we should not pollute the air or water at any cost. If all people do manage their garbage properly and avoid adding harmful chemicals to the air, then eventually the environment will become fresh and health-friendly. You can make this world better by doing small things; just play your part and encourage your friends and family members to play theirs.

Be kind, polite and patient There will be times when life will be out of your control. You may feel that everything is about to end, but there is nothing to worry about. You should not show arrogance to others when the situation is not favorable.

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The world would be a better place if essay examples mundo forex

The World Would Be A Better Place If.... the world would be a better place if essay examples

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