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sizzaman betting sites

Sseggona Should Face Law Council Over Incompetence and Gambling. News reaching us reveals that the Uganda police website has been down for several hours. Betting. Various Artists, Sizza Man. Natasha. Various Artists, Sizza Man. Mulabye. Various Artists, Sizza Man, J chameleon. Taxi Money. Sseggona Should Face Law Council Over Incompetence and Gambling. News reaching us reveals that the Uganda police website has been down for several hours. HOW TO CONVERT BITCOIN TO RIPPLE IN COINBASE

Most Ugandans are saying that you Prisons Department is a success story, what do you attribute this to? Prisons have succeeded because of the systems which are in place; if you fail an interview you will not be recruited! In fact for the first time last year we even dismissed people who failed training regardless of where they came from.

It is a meritorious way of doing things. And you cannot gain out of that actually; you will be in real trouble if you get out a prisoner. Has it ever happened under your leadership that a prisoner escaped at night? But again, the staff knows the repercussions of that prisoners escaping. The establishment of systems in which everything we do: the way we assign staff to a particular prisoner, the way we take prisoners to court, discharge is strict.

We measure your weight and height and others because all the systems are in place. Another issue is that you will find out that the prisons are extremely clean and I think that is also part of our achievement. Officers in-Charge OCs must be clean because when they are not, then they know what will happen next! It is said you have a very ambitious programme for education, how far have you gone with it?

We have it because what we discovered is that all those who went through formal education did not come back to prison. The government agreed to fund education service and our teachers primary, secondary and tertiary are sent by the Education Service Commission. Also, Professor Waswa Balunywa has organized and streamlined secondary and diploma education, he is now going for a degree programme.

We also have a programme under the Africa Prison Project which has offered degrees of the University of London especially in Law. I have a famous prisoner called Susan Kigula, who has got a degree. She made the death penalty not to be mandatory. We have laboratories inside there; people can do their work there. Is this programme being implemented at Luzira or in other centres? We have these programmes in about seven regional prisons including Kigo prison, Mbarara, Masindi, Namalu and Arua but the main one is here Luzira where you can do science subjects.

It has been a successful programme that is why we have been ranked the number one rehabilitative correctional service in Africa! This is because we have the lowest number of people coming back to prison about 20 per cent which is the lowest in Africa and fourth in the world!

What have you done about staff housing and reduction of congestion in the prisons? We are not doing well in this department but again we are not seated. We have houses in Luzira, built by prisoners. That is how housing is going on. On congestion, we have built new cells in Ndorwa, Moroto Bushenyi, Buga, Kabong, Adjumani, Nebbi, Tororo and Soroti, among other places and all are designed to reduce congestion. Now, we are building a big one in Kitalya which will take about 2, inmates and if I transfer 2, inmates from Luzira to Kitalya, I would have solved half of the congestion problem in Luzira.

You promised in Parliament that you are dedicating this term to making agriculture your top priority and making prisons self-reliant as far as food security is concerned. How far have you gone with this programme? I am going to grow cotton, that one I can assure you! The first season we had hectares of cotton, this time, we are doubling it and next year we shall triple it to 10, hectares. I am producing maize seeds both hybrid and open variety and this is to enhance acreage and output.

I now want to produce 13 million kilograms of maize per annum and my requirement is 15 million kilograms. Within this term, if I achieve that, then I can say that I worked for Uganda. And that is why we are talking agriculture. Do you have enough land for commercial production? We have land to do this; about 5, acres in Rwimi, Kabarole; 3, acres in Longole Gulu and 7, acres in Kitgum.

One thing I can assure you, by the time I finish this term, I will have acquired a seed processor, combined harvesters with storage facilities with silos. No, because all the maize we produce we give it to the prison. For cotton, we sell it to the ginneries and out of this, we partly buy some for our uniforms.

Meanwhile, on the World KickBoxing Federation website, Andras Nagy is being recognized as the winner for the December 09 fight in Kampala though Golola has the belt and was posing for pics with it at Hotel African during the press briefing in which the issue of the Shs30million row between his managers and his family came up.

The rematch between Nagy and Golola will be here in Kampala on April 27, and hopefully by then Moses would have had ample training on kickboxing so that we do not see scenes of wrestling in the game. At the end of it all we should have a clear winner and not this business of a win split between the belt and the title Posted by: uowd AT pm Permalink Email Saturday, December 10 Bad Black and Meddie Not Seeing Eye to Eye A row has erupted between Bad Black and Meddie Ssentogo with the former using all sorts of abusive words and spilling all the beans about Meddie's love life.

Bad Black who spent a month in Luzira prison on allegations of embezzling funds from her lover Greenhalgh is now accusing Meddie of denying everything yet she spent a month in Luzira trying to cover him up. Shanita Namuyimbwa and Meddie have been close though never seen together in public for reasons which seem to be clear after the two were arrested a month back leading to Bad Black spending a month in Luzira.

Meddie was released three days later. Apparently, Bad Black is cross because Greenhalgh wanted Meddie instead of her in the dock but she chose to cover him up and in the process ended up in Luzira prison. But after coming out, it looks like Meddie does not appreciate all that prompting for the real Bad Black to show him her true colours. This is how cross Bad Black is spitting fire on her wall "banange kano ka She even spent a month in Luzira trying to cover him up, now he is denying everything.

Bad Black was released on bail after spending a month in Luzira but before going there, Meddie was the love of her life at least from her postings, but the latest developments do not surprise because the thought of going back to Luzira makes her skin develop goose bumps. Moses Golola wanted to knock out the experienced kickboxer from Hungary in the first rounds but it was not easy.

The two fighters put up a spirited fight until the end of round five and as we prepared for round six even after the model had moved around with a placard clearly labelled round 6, they said the fight will end right there.

Golola was by then over bleeding from the nose and chances are this is the reason the sixth round was cancelled because it is not right to continue with the fight when one of them is bleeding. The fight attracted over 5, people who came to support motor mouthed Golola who according to many should have taken this fight as seen from the resistance coupled with the knock outs he passed on to Nagy in the first three rounds.

On two occasions Nagy suffered groin injuries and the game had to be stopped briefly to allow him recover. Our Golola Moses will have his face to nurse but Nagy will equally have to take care of his groin injuries. On announcing Andras the winner, you could clearly see that the crowd was not impressed. They recently revamped their website to embrace the latest web technologies, have just signed a partnership to have Bukedde on DSTV with effect from December 12, and now they've just added another paper to the newsstands dubbed The Kampala Sun.

According to a statement from Vision Group: "The Kampala Sun is your all-access VIP backstage ticket to the secrets of the rich and famous, the crazy and the notorious, the wild and the restless in this capital of ours-whether they are celebrities or even if they are just flukers, if it's happening anywhere, Kampala Sun will have our noses in it to bring you the scoop and make sure you never fall behind when it comes to what's going down in town.

The other main story was about Bad Black's lover Greenhalgh being a fake millionaire and lots of celebrity pics. The star who lost to Esther Nabaasa has proved to be a orce to reckon in her music fast climbing music career. She recently released her first single 'Aliba Waani' and has not stopped at that but also added 'Nteredde' on the list.

Tracks yet to be released areNdi Wano, Nvuma and Njakukwagala. Fearing to be confused with the NTV Login presenter Susan Naava, she decided to brand herself Grey Naava and seems to be one of those arties to look out for in the year Estar's 'Omutima Gwange' which she did for the local fans is hardly known as tracks like Aliba Wanni and Nteredde by Grey Naava are topping charts.

Nagy Andras arrived on Monday but you could clearly see that he was already scared of Golola may be from the clips he saw while Golola was taking a huge bowl of porridge and smashing a hilly rock while training. Meanwhile, where there is Golola, there is always free drama and this is what happened on Tuesday afternoon when he descended onto a one Hugo Williams a BBC journalist. Williams had come to cover Golola but decided to provide the shield for him t hit while training, but the rate at which the kicks were flowing, the journalist was forced to take off for his dear life.

The fight is brought to you by Kweli Productions. Kenya and South Africa have for long been dominating some of these innovations when it comes to which countries to consider in Africa, but not anymore as Uganda has now joined them.

This can be further seen from Youtube launching a local domain tagged to Uganda www. On YouTube, you can upload your own videos that can be shared and viewed globally. YouTube has presented us with a unique opportunity, and I call upon all Ugandans to use it as a platform to showcase the features of our country that make us fully Ugandan - music, wildlife, news, tourist sites, and so on," said the Information and Communication Technology Minister, Dr.

Ruhakana Rugunda. Bukedde TV is popular courtesy of it's version of news dubbed 'Agataliiko Nfuufu' which in most cases is exclusive. Agataliiko Nfuufu lovers are going to increase now that all DSTV customers in the country will be able to access the channel. The service will be accessible only to viewers across Uganda in the initial stages and later beyond the Sub-Saharan region. Other TV stations like WBS, NBS have not yet joined but will certainly do so now that analog technology is being phased out as we cross to digital broadcasting.

The few revellers who had turned up for the event were still getting to terms with the venue change, power went off. Of course irrespective of whether Umeme had switched them off or not, you would expect a standby generator to be in place but this wasn't the case instead issues to do with organisers demanding for their balance. The power issues were resolved but then the sound was off.

The stage was not lit prompting some of the revellers to storm out because even DJ Shiru who was to take to the DJ Box was nowhere to be seen or better still his remixes to sooth the revellers ears could not be heard of. Local artistes like Vampino and Navio started performing but you could not miss the poor sound quality something that left many wondering how an International Star could be treated like this. One reveller was quoted saying; "Why treat the guy like a local artiste yet he is an international one?

Earlier reports indicated that due to a huge balance of close to 40m, the show could not take place at the advertised venue unless when that balance had been cleared upfront, forcing the organizers to shift to the neighbouring Kati Kati grounds.

As if that was not enough, Elephant Man did not even turn up at the new venue making the show a total flop. Local artistes like KS Alpha, Coco Finger and Vampino among others instead used the opportunity to launch their new songs. Elephant Man jetted into the country on Wednesday and a number of local artistes were around him at least for an opportunity to hit the studios to record collabos but it's not clear if any of them were successful.

Peter Miles chauffeured the star from the airport. According to insider sources, Elephant Man failed to turn up after promoters failed to meet certain conditions of the contract. In some instances they say, he was even paying his hotel bills. By Saturday morning at about am, there was no sign of the Jamaican star anywhere close to Kati Kati.

Meanwhile, analysts estimated the number of people who attended to less than and yet artistes like Eddie Kenzo, Aziz Azion and Jamal have had the venue fill to capacity. This is still a developing story so we will certainly bring you more on the matter.

Rabadaba tied the knot with Sheila at Amamu House recently and the two have a son who was born in the UK. His attempt to go to the UK was quashed after he was denied a visa and yet he had plans of going to Jamaica for the honeymoon and later to the UK to meet his son Fahim Seguya.

The Mukyamu singe failed to convince the authorities that once he gets to the UK, he will be able to come back to UG. The first branch is around the main taxi park and the other branch in Lugogo. Located on Metroplex Complex Naalya, Shoprite which can easily be confused for the other branches while inside can be accessed on the immediate left turn after Engen Petrol Station in Naalya.

Big Name supermarkets have taken over the outskirts of Bugolobi, Ntinda, Makerere and the competition among them has seen customers enjoy quality products in form of 'sale promos' around this time of the year. Customers have resorted to moving from one supermarket to the other in search of bargains.

At Game for example, there was a rush for washing machines that were going for less than Shs, and laptops going for less than Shs1m. Meanwhile, as the little known supermarkets are coming up, the big name supermarkets like Capital Shoppers, Nakumatt, Uchumi, Quality Supermarket, Tuskys and Shoprite are busy spreading to all viable centres.

The Nigerian born radio and TV star was last seen at the Bugolobi based Virgin Island bar in the company of some comedians. The Bar owner Henry Ssali has premiered a comedy drama before titled Kiwani the movie that features conmen in Kampala and the tricks they use to cheat people. He was set to release another movie titled the Bullion Van, so it is not surprising that he was affiliated to this project.

Meanwhile, IK's wife gave birth to their second child yesterday, a bouncing baby girl. About two weeks back, Bebe Cool wrote on his wall communicating the bad news of his son who had got an accident on his eye with a toy gun that was bought from Quality Supermarket in Kampala.

The latest news should get the Minzani star jumping higher well knowing that his son won't be blind after all like he had thought. She thanked friends and family who had been there for her throughout the nine months. Taking to her wall she said: "Thanks all ma friends and family who supported me throughout the nine months of ma pregnancy on Tuesday I welcomed a healthy baby girl weighing 3kgs am doing fine just got home from hospital all mum and baby we are doing fine.

This will be her second child after a girl with the Dubai based white pensioner. The new born baby is called Briella Mayanja clearly putting the mzungu out of the picture and Big Eye assuming the driver's seat. She had this to say to the father of the kid; "Abogezzi babawo naye tebatutisa!!!!!!!! UK based J. Kaka who by far and large worn the award of the 'biggest sitting allowance' for the year surprised many of her followers when there were no invites or updates or better still mention of her birthday party.

The big day approached and the booty babe was tight lipped on whether or not there will be any birthday bash. The Big Butt award really deserved her because even the birthday cake was designed using her butt concept.

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Making a deposit or a withdrawal is easy and only attracts a small fee. For first-time deposits, the processing fee of 4. Payouts are done using rapid transfer, otherwise known as money gram. Bovada allows sports betting online on their user-friendly mobile interface or in their state of the art poker and casino gaming rooms. The only limitation to using Bovada is that the odds are posted late and that they have very low wager limits.

It offers a wide range of payment options and several accepted currencies, thus making it one of the most convenient sites for customers across the world. However, bonus levels are tiered for different types of wagering. The online game library is categorized into 3D slots, table games, slots, and video poker. Most of the bets are placed online since their mobile platform only allows sports betting. Maximum and minimum deposits and withdrawals are different for different payment options that are offered on BetOnline.

Its major shortcoming is that it has high rollover requirements that customers might find difficult to understand.

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