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Amna nawaz is a crypto jew

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amna nawaz is a crypto jew

Hussain Alfardan said Italian jew- prime minister Nawaz Sharif, For all the euphoria of , the great crypto crash of. Another intern, Amna demand a cryptocurrency ransom of victims to avoid Yet to bat: S. Agha, M. Nawaz, Y. Shah, H. Ali, S. Afridi. NO The Jew and the moor. bettingfootball.website Title Author Year Call. NO Hardy's treatment of women. bettingfootball.website SIEGE MOD 1-3 2-4 BETTING SYSTEM

The questions: What is your computer name? Do not abbreviate. What is your home address? Do you have a mailing address that is separate from your home address here? How many people live in your home? Do you live with both your parents?

If no, with whom do you live? Explain why you do not live with your parents. Do you attend a church on a regular basis? If yes, write the name of the church. If no, explain why not. How many bedrooms are in the house in which you live? Has anyone in your family ever been accused or convicted of a crime? If ye, explain. Have you ever been trouble at school?

If yes, explain what you did wrong to get in trouble. Do the adults in your family regularly vote in elections? Vafa explained that multiple time dimensions would kill causality, given that we won't be able to talk about the past or the future. In my thinking, if time has two dimensions but it is discrete rather than continuous, then causality isn't endangered. There will be no past or future, but we will have preceding and succeeding time points in a lattice.

I didn't get a chance to discuss this point with Dr. Vafa, because time ran out. Vafa has written the book Puzzles to Unravel the Universe, which aims to explain laws of nature in terms of simple puzzles. Be careful, however, when spreading the words of celebrities in support of Iranian women and other protesters. Here are some revelations about one such sympathizer, Roger Waters, the allegedly anti-Semite, pro-Putin, and pro-Assad rocker. Mina Khanlarzadeh in Religions Vol.

From the Introduction: "The twentieth century Iranian revolutionary thinker and sociologist Ali Shari'ati composed his political thought in the sixties and seventies until—a year before the Revolution—he died. He was the most prominent thinker read and discussed among the revolutionaries. Ervand Abrahamian , p. High precision in longer formats comes at the expense of wasting bits for numbers that do not need all the bits. Furthermore, no matter how many bits one uses, there exist numbers that are too large or too small to be representable, leading to overflow and underflow.

Posit is a recent proposal that aims to rectify these problems. Here are some references to bring you up to speed on this new number representation scheme and its arithmetic. Sexualization of women isn't limited to the mullahs. Patriarchy is alive and well in all institutions being governed by Islamist basijis. For example, today's programs praise the uprising of Iranian youth and women. Yet the same old men report and analyze the news. No sign of young Iranians or women! However, the LinkedIn experiment has drawn some criticism for its potential to alter lives.

Somayeh Dodge see the last item below. Observance of Rosh Hashanah involves several fruits and vegetables. For example, apple dipped in honey represents sweetness and pomegranate signifies fruitfulness. Geography and, more generally, spatial information, are no exception. Early geographic information systems date back to the s, but the field has undergone seismic shifts with the emergence of big-data mindset, tools, and applications. Somayeh Dodge UCSB Geography reviewed the basics of geographic-information handling and a few key applications of movement data science.

Intentional movement through space is one of the traits shared by humans and animals to perform activities. Movement of individuals is fundamental to the dynamics of ecosystems, cities, and environments, and can be utilized as a key to the understanding and modeling of environmental and behavioral variability in social and ecological systems.

As a result of ubiquitous tracking and the increasing access to movement data in both trajectory and aggregate forms, a number of disciplines, from animal ecology to urban planning, from biology to geography and public health, share an interest in understanding movement and activity patterns of humans and animals in natural and built environments.

While there is a shared interest in geography and ecology to understand and model movement behavior with respect to geographic space, there has been little cross-fertilization across these disciplines. Dodge reviewed recent advances in computational movement analytics from the lens of geographic information science, arguing for a convergent movement data science to study and map movement across the human and animal divide.

Brief tech bio: Dr. Dodge was a postdoctoral fellow at The Ohio State University. Her work has been published in top journals of the field. She has indeed united all Iranians against Iran's brutal, incompetent Islamic regime. But why does he refer to "their" women's goal and not "our" goal?

Women's rights shouldn't be a women's issue only. Top row center: Some of the bridges over South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon: The river-front is made into a lush park with a walking path 1-minute video. Second row left: Sculptures in Saskatoon's downtown area. Second row center: The historic Delta Hotel Marriott in downtown Saskatoon, where I stayed: The hotel and an old train station now a mall are located at the two ends of 21st Street East, once a hub of commerce.

Second row right: A few more images from Saskatoon, including a map of the downtown area. Booth, of Booth multiplication fame, who worked there from to One of the photos shows the gifts I received from my hosts. Third row right: After my lectures, I was treated to tours of Calian Advanced Technologies a satellite telecommunications company, doing both engineering design and manufacturing and Canada's Light Source synchrotron a major tech facility, partly shown in the photos.

Canadian Light Source produces extremely bright light, millions of times brighter than the sun, by using powerful magnets and radio frequency waves to accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light. This infra-red, ultraviolet and X-ray light is shone down beamlines to experimental stations where scientists can select different parts of the spectrum to "see" the microscopic nature of matter, right down to the level of the atom.

Bottom row center: As part of my visit to U. Among other topics, we discussed the under-representation of women in engineering and the role of design-team diversity in producing quality systems. Why are these grim, bearded, macho men so afraid of joyful, independent, strong women? Just look at the ultra-modern, made-up, sharply-dressed women appearing in government-sanctioned religious ceremonies or observe foreign reporters with scant hijabs interviewing regime officials.

They have imposed and are enforcing hijab laws on ordinary Iranian women to keep their battle with the masses away from important sociopolitical issues. In other words, the regime has dug trenches close to where its critics are. It knows that if these trenches are breached, it has to defend its archaic, cruel, and corrupt ways much closer to the centers of power, where any breach would lead to its collapse.

Ditto for Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Then, the IEEE Standard Committee was formed and, by , it issued a standard document that guided the development of floating-point arithmetic throughout the industry. The standard specified the main bit single-precision and bit double-precision formats, along with several ancillary formats.

The standard was revised in , when decimal floating-point formats as well as bit half-precision and bit quadruple-precision binary formats were added. The most-recent incarnation of the standard is IEEE Now, with approximate or very-low-precision arithmetic being of much interest for machine-learning applications, IEEE is looking at the various existing proposals, with an eye toward extending the standard to such a format, perhaps as small as 8 bits.

Or is it the other way around? Nasser Kanani presented a fascinating overview of the Iranian polymath's momentous contributions to mathematics, chemistry, medicine, psychology, and philosophy. Razi had no teacher but used books that were available to him to learn about various topics. Razi's dismissive attitude toward religion led to much criticism and anger against him. A recording of this talk will be made available on suta. Me: How can an event we knew about days ago be considered breaking news?

Abolhassan Banisadr. To test you for claustrophobia! That's not what "last resort" means! Six-thirty, hands down! Nope, I've had a change of heart! His initials are used in the Bluetooth symbol. Depending on those bonds, the shell gets a color. Dally reviewed the use of some specific number representations for deep learning. The lower bound O n log n had been proven, but it had not been achieved until Trump claims to be the rightful King of England. He spent years writing his masterpiece, Shahnameh.

Financial help from Soltan Mahmoud Ghaznavi eventually came, but it was too late. His math books and the manner of designing the Persian calendar were highly influential. Khayyam wasn't known as a poet. His first verses were discovered 2 years after his death.

His thoughts centered around life and death. We humans are all concerned with life and death and with staying in the moment, so we can identify with Khayyam's poems. Edward Fitzgerald changed the focus a bit and was also accused of making up some of the poems.

He was one of the earliest mystic poets and influenced others, including Mowlavi. His most-famous book is Mantiq-ul-Tayr The Conference of the Birds, in which a diverse group of birds go on a quest to choose a worthy leader , but his most-important work is Musibat-Nama Book of Affliction, which elaborates on the 40 stages of the search for God.

At 37, Mowlavi met Shams-e Tabrizi, a disheveled old man at the time. This acquaintance and the ensuing enchantment, triggered his creativity, leading to a large volume of poems. Their mutual admiration lasted for 17 years, until the disappearance of Shams. No one asks why these "spies" openly declare their religion, instead of pretending to be Muslims and infiltrating key agencies!

It's quite a challenge to organize a virtual international event. The talks begin very early in the morning and extend until noon in my time zone US Pacific. Organizers decided to make attendance free and also provide links to the published papers.

This is a boon to researchers, particularly those residing in Third-World countries, where payment of registration fees would be a major burden. FDNY lost members on that fateful day. Mather discussed his groundbreaking research on the James Webb Space Telescope, the product of efforts by some 20, people. Trump's wall may be coming soon too! Yet, the losses also led to a sense of unity and purpose in confronting extremism, regardless of its source. It is unfortunate that much of the camaraderie vanished during the Trump years due to his purposeful sowing of the seeds of division and distrust.

Let's hope we get back on track in putting common American values ahead of our differences. It is a blessing to grow up alongside grandparents. To young family members, they represent history, continuity, resilience, and unconditional love. This review is based on a bootleg audio version of the book, available on the Internet. A key reason for banning the book is that Islamic officials are in denial about the existence of homosexuality in Iran, let alone admitting its prevalence for many centuries.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was widely ridiculed when he said in a US appearance that "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals like in your country. Homo-erotic musings among Persian poets date back at least years. The book begins with a review of the nomenclature of homosexuality, as used by Persian writers and poets, along with its various categories Chapter 1.

Chapter 4 is devoted to homosexuality among Sufis. Farzaneh Milani see the next item below. Farzaneh Milani, Raymond J. Milani intermixed personal reflections on her life with literary and feminist influences to describe her journey through life in Iran, relocation to the US, and her academic work, including the books Veils and Words and Words Not Swords , along with books on Simin Behbahani and Forough Farrokhzad This wokeness has gone too far!

I hope people see it. But if not, we're all going to die anyway, so who cares. Sirous Yasseri see the last item below. After showing a video of Rohani conducting a performance of "Esfahan," the guest performer was introduced. He spoke about his musical experiences, including a 4-year stint as Director of Tehran Symphony Orchestra, following a long period of regular appearances with the group as guest-conductor. Rohani's stories were interspersed with videos of his performances with different orchestras at worldwide venues.

What follows is my selection of Rohani's work from YouTube. Tech Association Virtual Reunion, Sep. There were more than attendees. This IEEE panel discussion brought together experts David Witkowski, Joe Madden, Prakash Sangam, and Monisha Ghosh for a discourse on the challenges created by how the wireless carriers promote 5G, and what the real value of 5G technology is likely to be. It seems that 5G's greater coverage is a boon in rural settings; most other users don't experience much difference in 5G vs.

As we prepare for the onslaught of hype on 6G, we need to understand that 5G's impact is mostly in the domain of communication infrastructure, rather than consumers or phones. Sirous Yasseri Brunel U. Reza Toossi Cal State U. Yasseri began his talk with a definition of geopolitics, including a list of personalities who were instrumental in the adoption and spread of the term. He then presented a historical overview, beginning in the early s, when there were two world powers: The Russian Empire, which controlled a large land-mass in Asia and Eastern Europe, and England, whose navy controlled the waters of the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to the south.

There were skirmishes and wars between the two powers, but neither one could eliminate the other. So, a kind of delicate balance prevailed that adversely affected countries like Iran that sat between the two domains of influence. Yasseri then proceeded to describe the changes in the energy scene, as uses of energy sky-rocketed, oil prices rose, and the United States entered the stage as a newly-minted world power.

The US later became energy-independent, but continued to exert influence on other oil-producing countries. The US still maintains military personnel in excess of , in the Middle East and is the predominant world power controlling oil shipments from the region to Europe and elsewhere. Near the end of his talk, Dr. Yasseri showed part of a minute film clip of a speech by the Shah of Iran, which reveals some of the tensions that existed around the world regarding energy resources, the role of OPEC, and other geopolitical issues.

Computer Arithmetic: Sep. Free on-line attendance if you register by Sep. Thus, all men must be circumcised anew. Smith in the September issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine reiterates what many computer experts have been warning about. The restaurant will be called "Washington DZ. Today, we celebrate the progress we have made on the path of providing humane working conditions and decent wages to those who make the world go around with their labor.

The progress isn't complete, but we have come a long way from when mine workers were treated like cattle. Truss will inherit an inflation crisis, the aftershocks of Brexit, a war in Europe, and sinking support for the Conservatives in opinion polls. The scam artists had modified the drive's firmware to show 30 TB of storage when plugged into a Windows computer.

Insert mathematical symbols in each of the 10 strings so that the equality holds. For example, 0! You are allowed to insert only math symbols. Inserting digits or numbers is not allowed. The GOP had hoped that Trump would stay out of the midterm elections.

But he made the rally, supposedly held in support of two Republican candidates, all about himself and victimhood, lashing out at everyone and everything, including the city of Philadelphia. Imagine bad-mouthing Philadelphia in a rally held in Pennsylvania! After devoting some time to practice, it took them an average of 10 tries to succeed. Then the golfers were asked to describe their putting techniques between the practice session and the actual test.

The average number of attempts needed more than doubled to The more skillful you are, the greater the negative impact of verbalizing your technique. Mojtaba was recently advanced to the rank of Ayatollah over objections by many senior clerics.

Mohammad B. Bagheri on logical positivism see the last item below. Let's be more considerate in using power during the ongoing extreme-heat emergency! Reality of 5G: LinkedIn panel discussion, Thurs. Virtual; Register. Bagheri began by observing that positivism does not recognize anything but natural sciences, in which theories can be experimentally verified or falsified. In particular, it considers fields such as psychology, philosophy, and even math as fake sciences. Later, positivists came to the conclusion that they have reached a dead end, thus coming up with the term "logical positivism," thanks to Bertrand Russell, who was a mathematician more than a philosopher.

Logical positivism brings philosophy and mathematics under its umbrella. In Dr. A small group flip completely and become extreme positivists. The speaker's motivation in presenting this talk was to see if a middle ground can be found to unify our thinking.

A lecture of Dr. Bagheri on critical thinking is available on YouTube. Bagheri also mentioned that he has a YouTube channel, which I have been unable to find. The following are my supplementary notes from on-line sources: The doctrine of positivism is the brainchild the 19th-century French Philosopher Auguste Comte. He believed that theology and metaphysics should be replaced by a hierarchy of sciences.

Positivism is similar in its outlook to scientism and is also closely connected to Naturalism, Reductionism, and Verificationism. Positivism later branched out into legal positivism, logical positivism, and sociological positivism. Positivists eventually came to the conclusion that their worldview leads to a number of unresolvable problems. Karl Popper opined that metaphysics is different from science but it isn't nonsense.

Her son, the late Steve Ota, was my son's aikido sensei. This choice has not yet been taken away from them! If there is no majority, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated from further consideration and lower-ranked candidates in those lists move up one notch. So, voters can vote honestly, rather than strategically. Another such cartoon was drawn in Honolulu in the late s or early s, but I have not been able to find it.

Here is one which is part of the last verse in a poem by Naser Khosrow "az maast keh bar maast". It tells us to take responsibility for our actions and not to blame others for our misfortunes. The poem is the story of an eagle which is shot down by an arrow and, when it looks to see how this metal-wood implement has flown so high as to hit it way up in the air, it discovers eagle feathers as part of the arrow.

Majid Sarraf earthquake and bridge expert. A short presentation by Dr. Mohamad Navab on the National Grief Awareness Day, August 30, and mentions of a couple of other notable "today in history" events preceded the main talk. Beginning with conventional bridges and their various components foundation, substructure, and superstructure , Dr.

Sarraf reviewed the main variants of bridges along with their construction technology, benefits, and drawbacks. Among topics discussed were pile, beam, truss, suspension, cantilever, and cable-stay. Also included in the discussion were construction techniques such as those used to set up bridge foundation and substructure under water.

This 7-minute YouTube video contains some useful information. Focus on the noses and eyes. We also went inside, snapping photos of its beautiful lobby, courtyard, and ballroom. Walking to the concert venue, we spotted an Iran exhibit or mini-museum as part of the Park's International Cottages.

Amna nawaz is a crypto jew forex agents in chennai amna nawaz is a crypto jew


The genetic and genealogical research supplies us with a historical plausibility of suggestive Crypto-Jewish practices that may have been passed down. All of these avenues of research complement each other. We know that thousands of Crypto-Jews on the Iberian Penisula converted to Catholicism,but secretly held to their ancestral Jewish faith and customs. But there are so many more conventional ways to assert whiteness, why would you want to be Jewish when being different is not valued in that community?

Trending on JTA. Please support us by disabling your ad blocker on our site. On Jan. And in the last debate of , Penn graduate Amna Nawaz made history as one of the debate moderators. In the aftermath of the most recent Democratic debate, take a look at the College graduate's journey from Penn to PBS. From covering the United States raid on Osama bin Laden's compound at NBC to making history as the first Asian American person to moderate a presidential debate, Nawaz is currently one of the most prominent Penn alumni in broadcast journalism.

This year, Nawaz spent time reporting on the migrant crisis from border towns in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. She is the first Asian American and first Muslim person to moderate a presidential debate.

Amna nawaz is a crypto jew seputar forex fibonacci software

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